Saturday, September 27, 2008

30 Random Facts!

Thanks to my bloggy friend, Sunny, I've been tagged to complete 30 Random Facts about myself. Here they are (in random order, of course):

1. When reading I go through phases. For example I will read all mystery (Stuart Woods, James Patterson) for a period then I'll read only read literature from Southern writers (i.e. Fannie Flagg, Ann George, etc.). I also love children's lit. I also went through a time where I read books only set in England and then there was the time I only read books set in NYC. I could go on and on....
2. I would like to have 4 kids. (We will not have 4 children, possibly 3, but M is putting his foot down after that).
3. I LOVE spicy, hot foods. I like to add jalepenos, Tobasco, or red pepper flakes to my food.
4. I did not have acne ever until I had MM. After her, my face started majorly breaking out so I use Proactiv daily and it works for me.
5. My hair was curly / wavy until I had MM. After her, my hair went flat as a board. Pregnancy changes things.
6. I can't really carry on a conversation in the mornings until I've had my one Diet Mountain Dew.
7. I'm a major list maker (OK, so this might not come as a surprise to you if you've read my blog for any length of time). At any one time, I probably have 4 or 5 lists going.
8. I have wanted to learn to sew for years now but I'm scared to try.
9. I was an Alabama fan until 1998 when I moved to Auburn to attend AU. Which by the way was one of the best things I've ever done. Did I mention that's where I met my wonderful husband?
10. I love peanut M&Ms so does my husband. We can polish off a large bag in a day. Seriously.
11. I weigh what I did in high school, but I was 30 pounds heavier in college. It's what they call a "beer diet" and really isn't that quite the oxymoron (Hope I don't lose any readers. I'm just keeping it real and putting it all out there).
12. I get embarrassed when someone I know in real life tells me they read my blog. Then that embarrassment turns to flattery.
13. I'm a sucker for the underdog, in EVERY aspect.
14. I don't have a DVR but I'm getting one when we move and I CAN'T WAIT! Because really who gets to watch TV when your actual show is on.
15. I'm addicted to buying clothes for my girls. I could go to a KCA (kids clothes-aholic anonymous) meeting if it existed. When I see smocked, I say yes.
16. I sleep in matching pajamas every night.
17. I like things seasonally. For example, I have to have cider candles for the Fall and Fall-ish music. For the summer I like pineapple candles and Jimmy Buffett. Oh and Christmas! I begin the Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving and play it constantly!
18. My sister is my best friend but I can act like her mother (so she says). She is 7 years younger than me.
19. I always wanted to be a news caster. Broadcast Journalism was my first major in college. I secretly still want to do it, but the work hours would be hard for a mom.
20. I love all things antique. We rarely buy any type of furniture new. Matter of fact most of our furniture has been hand-me-downs. I love it when someone admires a piece of furniture and I can tell them the history such as "That was my Grand-daddy's desk" or "That was the first piece of furniture Michael's parents bought when they were first married." This might explain my affliction, er, I mean affection for old historic homes.
21. I started reading when I was barely 4. It was a love affair I began early. I hope my love of reading passes on to my girls.
22. I did not begin cooking until I was 28 and I had to learn so I could be a stay at home mommy. My darling husband did the cooking until then.
23. I love to watch TV dramas (Law and Order, CSI, ER, House, Criminal Minds, etc).
24. I would love to drive heavy machinery such as a back hoe, dump truck, etc. Really, I don't know where this came from.
25. I like wearing black. I probably have 10 different short-sleeved shirts and 10 different long-sleeved black shirts. It is like my uniform.
26. I don't like stronge, over-powering lotions. I rarely wear perfume.
27. I have had migraines since I was 15. These headaches are so bad, it normally takes me a day to recover after the headache ends.
28. I have had 3 white cars / SUVs and my husband drives a white truck.
29. I don't like nuts in my food at all. ICK!
30. I have never had a pet (unless you count fish). My Mom and sister got a dog after I moved to Auburn.

So there they are. 30 random facts. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Tell me something random about you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google Analytics

I love to check out my Google Analytics. It's such fun to see how people get to my blog...especially the keywords. Here are a few of the funniest over the last month:

*Wacky wall heaters: Well thankfully we don't have those anymore, but we did have 15 removed from the new old house.

*Wilson Phillips new hairstyle: Seriously, isn't that like any oxymoron? Wilson Phillips and new in the same sentence? I don't think that hair style is here.

*Renovation pictures: Oh me, oh my have I shared enough of those or what?

*Bad things about chocolate: There is NOTHING bad about chocolate or I have nothing bad to say, at least.

*Wednesday explosion: Why should we just restrict it to Wednesday?

*Drama Puzzles: Why that's everyday on The Douglas Drama.

*Make love music: Yikes, wrong blog, wrong blog.

*Finished picture of chair rail: Really there is nothing remotely finished at our renovation project.

Do you have Google Analytics on your blog? Do you check your stats?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quite a disgusting little story

Harper Jane loves to put things in her mouth and by things, I mean EVERYTHING. If it goes in her hand, it goes directly into her mouth. We've had to be really careful about keeping things off the floor. But, you know, we are in the "house apartment" (MM's name for our current dwelling) while we are anxiously awaiting the move into our new "old" house.

So it has been much harder in the house apartment. We are not settled here. We are living out of boxes and suitcases. I refused to unpack for what I thought was going to be just a month (we are now into month #2).

I say all this to explain that normally my house is clean, organized, and tidy. I have found that it is quite a major task to keep things orderly in the house apartment. In other words, it is a mess. We can barely find things and has been hard to vacuum around all those boxes. It is awful. I to my point.

Harper Jane had been playing in the playroom with MM. MM ran to me and explained that HJ had something in her mouth. Of course, I ran directly to the baby and forced my finger in her mouth to investigate. Much to my dismay, I found parts of a fly. Yes, a housefly. Apparently HJ found this dead fly in the playroom (in between some crates of toys). By this time, I was ready to throw up. I was sick and if this was not enough, Mary Margaret threw herself down on the ground and started screaming and crying uncontrollably. I tried to console her. All I could understand was the word die. What?!? I tried to explain that HJ was fine and the fly had not hurt her.

Come to find out, at pre-school last week MM learned a new nursery rhyme. Have you ever heard the one about the old lady that swallowed a fly.......well in the end, that old lady died.

Never a dull moment around here, I tell ya.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Logic according to a 4 year old.

Today I arrived a little early to pick MM up at preschool. All the kids were playing on the playground. MM and another little girl were riding the tricycles. Obviously MM wanted the other little girl's tricycle, but the little girl did not agree with that assessment.

So MM did what any manipulative 4 year old would do. She ran over to the little girl and said, "Tag! You're it!" and ran away. Of course, the little girl followed her as MM ran around in a small circle straight to the little girl's tricycle which MM climbed right on.

Manipulator already. What will we do when she is a teenager?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Playlist

First off, let me say that I love music. Music can take me to a different time and place. I can hear a song and it can evoke certain memories for me. For instance, I can hear "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles and remember that I was in the 3rd grade when it came out. I have that sort of useless knowledge (though I have a hard time remembering things that happened last week).

Because of my deep love of music, I love my iPod. Love it, love it, love it! It goes everywhere with me. I also enjoy making playlists for my iPod. Do you do this? I've asked a few people and ALL of them do NOT make playlists. I make playlists for everything from seasonal playlists, calm playlists, road trip playlists, exercising playlists, praise music playlists, etc. This week I am preparing my Fall playlist.

You might be thinking that I have too much time on my hands, but that is not the case. I just love music (I've always enjoyed being the DJ at parties).

Do you love music as much as I do? Do you own an iPod? Do you make playlists? What would you put on your Fall playlist?

P.S. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the cornice boards. If you have any ideas, leave them for me. I've thought of painting them black and distressing them a bit. I use black as an accent color in my house. We have a few pieces of black furniture, etc. I would use some sort of red drape (possibly silk....maybe a chunky plaid of some sort).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Things I love about Fall:
1. Football Season: War Eagle! Nothing better than whipping up some cheese dip and snacking all day while watching college football.
2. Pumpkins: I just love all that orange!
3. Pumpkin Patch: How much fun is it to go pick pumpkins with your little pumpkins!
4. Cool Weather: We live in Alabama, 'nough said.
5. Halloween: It is such fun trying to pick out costumes for the girls. And ALL. THAT. CANDY!
6. Jeans: I love jeans. Jeans are a no-go in the summer's horrible humidity here in our state.
7. Christmas Shopping: I enjoy trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on our list.
8. Jesus' Birthday: What a blessed time of year!
9. Christmas Trees: I am obsessed with Christmas ornaments. Just ask my husband. Better yet, don't ask him. He thinks we have too many.....little does he know!
10. Being with Family: We have more family gatherings during this time of year and they are filled with fun and lots of yummy food.
11. Building a fire: We are going to have a wood burning fireplace in our new (old) house and I can't wait for our very first fire. In our very first house (when we lived in GA), we had a wood burning fireplace and we used that thing a lot. In the house we just sold, we had gas logs. They were just not the same for me. I actually like to hear the crackling of the wood.
12. Socks: I am a little obsessed with fun socks and I like to be all matchy matchy with my socks (think: polka dots, paisley, plaid, holiday-themed, etc.). Yes, I am that lame.
13. Charlie Brown: He is my favorite. I love watching the Great Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving Special, and both of the Christmas DVDs. I watched these as a little girl and I love watching them with the girls.

What about you? I know many of you love Fall. What do you love about it?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yet another project....

I believe that when renovating an old home, one should try to stay as original as possible. When I say original, I mean be true to the historic nature of the home. Now I know we have changed a lot but I have tried to keep the "bones" of the house the same (keeping the original hardwoods, (some) light fixtures, the tongue and groove pine paneling, etc). I was able to keep the cornice boards for the living room and dining room. Here they are below. I want to keep these. Give me your ideas and I'll tell you tomorrow what I'm thinking......

P.S. I'm going to raise them all the way to the ceiling when we reinstall them. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing for drapes....

P.P.S. Do you need a little laugh? I asked MM what all her teacher taught her last week (it was her first week of pre-school). She replied, "She's trying to teach me to be still." HAHA!

P.P.P.S. Are y'all ready for Fall? I certainly am. I'm sick of shorts and sweating. Bring on the sweaters! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I am my happiest from September til New Year's.

P.P.P.P.S. Just kidding! Really I'm done for tonight:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mary Margaret's Nursery / Big Girl Room

Here are some pics of MM's nursery / big girl room. I loved everything about it. We are going to try and re-create it in the new house in the play room and add Harper Jane's name. I had black and white gingham bedding with red piping. Obviously, we had the ladybug theme. One of the sunflowers was a growth chart. It says, "Mary Margaret, Mary Margaret, My how you've grown"! I found a rug that I adored and we used it as the inspiration. A local artist painted this for us. She is fabulous! MM made her Daddy promise her that she could have her bugs back in the new house. HA!

Above is the growth chart.

This was with her "big girl" bed.

Here is a close-up of her growth chart.
What did you do for your child's nursery? What about the big girl/big boy rooms? Did you use a theme? What colors? Tell me all about it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Renovation Pictures

We added these panels and this chair rail to the dining room. The chair rail and below will be white and above the chair rail will be Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore.

Here is a close-up of the hardwoods with all that left over glue! Our hard wood guy is going to get started on the 15th of September.

I love the fireplace and mantle. We are replacing the existig tile with new travertine tile.

Another shot of the outside.

So here are the pipes that were pulled out. Quite disgusting! They are old cast iron pipes. I am so glad that we are replacing all these pipes. Look below to see some of the nastiness that came out of them!