Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mary Margaret's Nursery / Big Girl Room

Here are some pics of MM's nursery / big girl room. I loved everything about it. We are going to try and re-create it in the new house in the play room and add Harper Jane's name. I had black and white gingham bedding with red piping. Obviously, we had the ladybug theme. One of the sunflowers was a growth chart. It says, "Mary Margaret, Mary Margaret, My how you've grown"! I found a rug that I adored and we used it as the inspiration. A local artist painted this for us. She is fabulous! MM made her Daddy promise her that she could have her bugs back in the new house. HA!

Above is the growth chart.

This was with her "big girl" bed.

Here is a close-up of her growth chart.
What did you do for your child's nursery? What about the big girl/big boy rooms? Did you use a theme? What colors? Tell me all about it.


Kelly said...

What a precious room!!! Thanks so much for sharing it! I LOVE looking at nurseries!!!!
I'm still working on mine but you'll see it soon!!!

Lori said...

those are too cute. did you paint that yourself?

For Blake's room we painted the room a pale slate blue and I painted slate blue buildings at chair rail height and put a black chair rail up (so it looks like the road). Then sponged stars (including a constellation of his name)and made a sleeping moon

For Colby's room the bottom is painted in as a rolling hill in a military green and the top is pale blue. I sponged on clouds and made a sun. I also cut up the boarder that goes with his bedding and put up the construction vehicles on the top of the green. He will soon have wooden airplanes including one that has a Colby banner

I plan to leave these up for a while... maybe let them pick their own bedding around 5 or 6 and re-do their rooms at that time

Kim said...

Cute! I love the painting! We did a safari theme for our youngest and our oldest is sports. I found the cutest wall stickers for the safari theme at Target. They matched his bedding perfect. Oh, how I wish I had a little girl to decorate her room. Oh well, maybe the next one will be a girl!

LaskiGal said...

That is absolutely gorgeous.

And I was all impressed with my ability to do the alphabet in J's room. Near the ceiling. Standing on a ladder. Eight months pregnant (don't worry, I wasn't all that high, plus, he's here and perfectly fine!).

J's room is a storybook/ABC theme. We have pics from old favorites such as Dr. Suess, The Napping House, and a print from The Velveteen Rabbit (Donna Green) of the little boy sleeping with the rabbit. I love it.

I would love to do something really cool when he gets a little older.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

CC said...

Oh my gosh! I love and and am so jealous! I want that in MY room!!

My kids sorta have stars/moons. But really... they have a bunkbed, 2 dressers and a nightstand. That's all we've got room for. And all the furniture but the nightstand was bought on Craigs list, so nothing matches! ;0

Laura said...

I LOVE that room!!! So sweet and "big girly" at the same time. And the neat thing is that it wasn't the traditional pink - which you know I am a pinkster!!

Anyway, I'm not showing any pictures until I get a new house, too!!

LG said...

That is a really cute room! I miss seeing pics of MM

RJTrue said...

I'm IN LOVE with her room ... I want my own done like that!!!

By the way, I'm back!!!

Missed ya!

Teresa said...

I love the way you did her room! I have only boys so no girlie stuff for me. When our first son was born, we didn't like anything they had at the stores. (This was 10 years ago, I haven't looked in a while!) We decided to do "Looney Toons". We found cool wallpaper with several characters running after each other through the wallpaper stripes. For the bedding, we used solid color sheets & my mom made us a comforter out of some looney toons material I found at the fabric store. I used small stuffed characters & hung them from my sister's old mobile (minus the small bears she had) so my son could see them as he was in bed. It was really cute & lasted for my 1st & 2nd sons.

Julie said...

OOOOOO!!!! I loved this. Her room has some of the best painting I have ever seen!! It is just adorable!! So whimsical.

Kasey Hunt said...

thanks for sharing. The paint job is great. I love all the little details. I'm totally stuck on what to do with my kids rooms. I have ideas, but not sure if they are going to work. For now they are white with all the rest of the details in place. I'm just missing the paint.

Lauren said...

What a darling room! Love that growth chart... What a great idea!

Laura said...

Lindsey - were you at the Galleria in B'ham this weekend? If not, I saw your twin sister!!