Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Things I love about Fall:
1. Football Season: War Eagle! Nothing better than whipping up some cheese dip and snacking all day while watching college football.
2. Pumpkins: I just love all that orange!
3. Pumpkin Patch: How much fun is it to go pick pumpkins with your little pumpkins!
4. Cool Weather: We live in Alabama, 'nough said.
5. Halloween: It is such fun trying to pick out costumes for the girls. And ALL. THAT. CANDY!
6. Jeans: I love jeans. Jeans are a no-go in the summer's horrible humidity here in our state.
7. Christmas Shopping: I enjoy trying to find that perfect gift for everyone on our list.
8. Jesus' Birthday: What a blessed time of year!
9. Christmas Trees: I am obsessed with Christmas ornaments. Just ask my husband. Better yet, don't ask him. He thinks we have too many.....little does he know!
10. Being with Family: We have more family gatherings during this time of year and they are filled with fun and lots of yummy food.
11. Building a fire: We are going to have a wood burning fireplace in our new (old) house and I can't wait for our very first fire. In our very first house (when we lived in GA), we had a wood burning fireplace and we used that thing a lot. In the house we just sold, we had gas logs. They were just not the same for me. I actually like to hear the crackling of the wood.
12. Socks: I am a little obsessed with fun socks and I like to be all matchy matchy with my socks (think: polka dots, paisley, plaid, holiday-themed, etc.). Yes, I am that lame.
13. Charlie Brown: He is my favorite. I love watching the Great Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving Special, and both of the Christmas DVDs. I watched these as a little girl and I love watching them with the girls.

What about you? I know many of you love Fall. What do you love about it?


Lori said...

fall... what's that... oh is that cooler summer months (remember I live in Orlando). I love the fact that fall means holidays to decorate for. We have season passes to the local college's football games... so for us fall mean fun with friends. It also means that it won't be as hot here

Lauren said...

AH! All of the above. I also love burning my Aromatique Cinnamon Cider (then later "Smell of Christmas) candles. I love fall and winter... A lot of traditions in those months.

We live in AR... and it was actually pretty cool the other night. LOVED it!

Laura said...

Our lists would be nearly identical if it weren't for #1!!! I have to say it....ROLL TIDE!!!

I'm ready for Fall, Ya'll!!

Katie said...

Your fall-love list sounds just like what mine would! I would give my I teeth to have a wood-burning fireplace. We have gas're right, just not the same. I love the smell of wood fireplaces!

Oh, and I am all about some novelty socks. Yesterday, when I went to see my OB, I wore my fave and orange argyle ones. You know I had to wear some cute socks...because of where you have to put your feet...sorry, TMI, I know.

Here at my house, my husband and I make an event out of Charlie Brown. We pick a night a couple of weeks away, and gear up for watching whichever one is appropriate for that season. (We have them all on DVD.) I hope our kids like them as much as we do... hehe!

Misty said...

I got some news.... come see....

Tranny Head said...

I LOVE fall! Who doesn't love fall FOOD - like apples and cider and other stuff that tastes great when it's cold outside.

My birthday is in the fall - which is also fantastic! :-)

Laski Gal said...

WAR EAGLE . . . Man, I miss that.

And Alabama (GA border, close enough) winters. *sniff*

CC said...

Okay, well I still like summer better. But If I lived in the South, that might not be the case.

I love the SMELL of fall. The leaves, the cinnamon, the pie!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE jeans too~ : )