Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Over at My Charming Kids, MckMama has Not Me Mondays. I decided to participate.

I did not leave Harper Jane in pajamas 2 of the last 4 days.

I did not swing by Burger King to buy HJ breakfast this morning just so I didn't have to fix it.

I did not not fold clothes over the weekend allowing 5 loads to accumulate. Scary, huh?

I did not let Mary Margaret stay out of pre-school on Friday just because I was too tired and needed to sleep.

I did not contemplate not taking MM to dance this afternoon just because I was too tired. (Beginning to see a theme here? I am).

I did not not comment on my bloggy friends' blogs again this week. I'm awful and ask for forgiveness.

I did not regret letting MM watch Heidi yesterday with Shirley Temple. MM got extremely upset toward the end of the movie when Heidi wanted her grandfather and she wasn't allowed to return to him. MAJAH drama and tears over a movie, a MOVIE, people!

This was actually a very fun post. Head over to My Charming Kids and check out Not Me Mondays! Let me know if you participate:)


Lori said...

sounds like you need a nap! don't you hate when little thing really get to kiddos

elizabeth embracing life said...

Oh, the days of looking at the clock and saying ...nope not today, not me getting a child off to school. LOL

Brandy said...

I did not look forward to going to the doctor Saturday because it afforded me some very much needed alone time!

Jamie said...

I am with you. Have those kind of days too. Seems like those are becomming the norm around here.

Leigh said...

Cute post. and me both on the laundry. I am swimming in it today.
My email address is

Katie said...

So cute and so funny! haha!

Chassey said...

I was so glad to finally meet you on Tuesday. MM is too cute. I loved her singing. I love this post! It makes me think back to before I became a Mother and only dreamed of what I "would" and "would not" do as a parent. My how things change once your dream becomes reality! I wouldn't miss a minute of it though!

Crystal said...

Heidi, I used to love Heidi, and i always cried at that part, LOL.

just jamie said...

LOVE this idea. Love your gift for honesty!