Thursday, October 30, 2008

The One Where I Eat my Foot

You know how all Friends episodes were called "The One where....". I use that little phrase a lot. I was a big Friends watcher. I tell you this so you will understand my title.

Over the weekend, the hubby was feeling a little run-down. I really don't know why. I mean, who can't handle working 10 hour days at school then working on an old dilapidated house for 6 hours at night. Keep up, honey. I was giving him a little ribbing. You know, like, "Are you just going to watch TV today?," "What are you going to do after this show?," or my personal favorite, "Are you glued to the couch?"

Needless to say, I'm a slave driver. Just call me Sergeant Carter (let me know if you remember that TV reference).

Nothing much was accomplished at the ol' homestead over the weekend. I had had high hopes of a painted kitchen or maybe even the last coat of red on the dining room walls, but alas to my dismay, nothing, nada, zilch.

The hubby calls me Monday afternoon and states that he is going to the doctor. I was all, "Why? What's wrong with you? I mean you've already had mono." First off, the hubby does not go to the doctor on his own accord. I mean, he never, ever goes. I think to myself, "Maybe he really doesn't feel well."

He goes to the doc while I'm at dance with MM. He calls me directly after dance as we are loading into the car. I don't answer. I couldn't answer. I didn't have a free hand. Have you ever tried getting two little ones into the car making sure no playing in the road ensues? So I finally call him back.

He has big news. He has pneumonia. That's right, pneumonia. He's almost gloating, like he wants to say, "I told you so."

I felt horrible. I still feel horrible. I can't believe I gave him such a hard time with my, "Do this! Do that!"

He's actually missed school this week and the hubby NEVER misses work.

So here I am, with my foot in my mouth again...not the first time and I'm sure not the last.

I was wrong. I admit it. It's a rare occurance (just kidding), but I was wrong.


Lori said...

oh no... I hope he feels better soon

LG said...

That is pretty funny LCD ! Sounds JUST like my day yesterday, except my ERik does not have pnuemonia (i.e. Excuse)

Kim said...

Oh, I am sorry he feels bad! And yes, it is a struggle everytime I try to get the kids out of the car! And then I get the whole speech..."why have a phone if you are not going to answer it..." Oh, by the way I still watch reruns of Friends!

Katie said...

Ohh, poor guy! I hope he gets to feeling better!

As for the glue comment...I use that one all the time. ("Did somebody spill superglue on that couch before you sat down?) hehe!

just jamie said...

I'm sorry, I can't compute the words "I was wrong." What does that mean? :)

CC said...

Oh no!!!! Get better hubby and DON'T spread the germs!!

Trannyhead said...

BWAHAHAHA - See - I'd be all "Oh suck it up!"

I think dudes whine so much when they're sick!