Monday, November 24, 2008


I know I have told you one or twenty stories regarding the funny things that Miss Mary Margaret says, but I have to tell another one.

This is the last time....perhaps.

The dear hubby has had pneumonia for quite some time. I've explained that "Daddy is very sick and he needs his rest" about a hundred times.

This week, I overheard her playing in her room with her dolls. Here is how the conversation transpired:

Doll #1: How are you today?

Doll #2: Fine. How are you?

Doll #1: My Daddy is very sick.

Doll #2: Oh no! What is wrong with him?

Doll #1: He has the humps.

So of course, I bust into the room and ask her about the humps.

Mary Margaret says, "I don't know, but Little Bear's friend had it on TV and she was really sick."

If MM has told you that her Daddy was sick with the humps, let me clarify. He does not, in fact, have the humps. Just so you know.

What am I going to do with that girl?

Oh and on another note, we put up the Christmas tree this weekend. Have you decorated yet?


Lori said...

too funny... got to watch those people who get the humps

no we haven't decorated yet. we always put up the tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving

Stefanie said...

OMG, at the things Mary Margaret says. I know I enjoy reading them so you used definately keep posting. It is a rule in our house that we have to get thru Thanksgiving before we do anything Christmas. That includes letting the boys see Santa. However, our tree will be going up this weekend!!!

Laura said...

The stories....they never end!

Brandy said...

Kids! I swanee I never fail to be amazed at what comes out of their mouths!

We never decorate until after Dec. 1. It's a tradition my mom started and I've continued. It goes along with my birthday being Dec. 16. She never wanted Christmas to overshadow my big day (and, of course, neither do I).

Kim said...

How funny! The things kids pick up... The other day Koy, my 4 year old, said "Please have a baby for love." I guess he has been watching the commercial about the mini van one too many times!

CC said...

those HUMPS can really get you down!! :)

Decorating on Friday. Must. hold. out.

Christy said...

How funny! My tree went up last night!

Leigh Ann said...

I love MMisms. I sure hope that's not the last one. We have decorated this weekend. It was so fun but I was so tired afterward.

Leigh said...

LOL! And I LOOOOVVVEEE the new header! Presious!