Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Love Affair

My love affair with monogrammed items began long ago with Laverne. That's right from Laverne and Shirley. Oh when she would wear that "L" on her sweater, I would just wish to be her roomie so I could borrow all those shirts. Now not only do I love to have home items monogrammed, I adore having my girls' names on everything. I also love to give monogrammed items as gifts. My aunt owns her own monogramming business, thus increasing the monogram accessibility. Here are some of this season's monograms....it's an addiction, really. Don't tell my husband! Let's just keep this between you and me:)

Do you like monogrammed items? If so, what kind of things do you have monogrammed?


Laura said...


ashleydiggs said...

I LOVE everything monogrammed!

Kelly said...

We are MONOGRAMMING sisters!!!! I want to put Harper's name on everything in sight which worries me if we ever have a 2nd child. ha! Those last few outfits you showed were absolutely precious and EXACTLY like things I would get. I even love the War Eagle outfits! :-)

Brandy said...

You've got it bad girl! I like monogramming, but I prefer to have it on bags and purses more than clothing.

Jamie said...

I am with you. Love all things monogrammed. That was the "theme" for our wedding. Way back when it was not such a popular thing to do. :)

I am learning now to just do an "E" because I want to be able to pass cute outfits down to the other babies.

Thanks for sharing all your cute outfits.

Tell us more about your aunt's business. :)

Leigh said...

I too am obsessed with monograms. I have my kids clothes done also (with the exception of the 18 year old and now that the other two are older I am limited to initials).

I have jewelry.
I have a shower curtain.
I have lamps (which FYI, I went to kirklands last night and they have monogrammed night lights for 9 dollars. A perfect gift for someone-or yourself)
I have luggage.
I have frames.
dog collars.

I love to collect silverware and serving pieces from antique shops that are monogrammed. It matters not the initials. They just seems to each have their own story and I imagine the person who once owned it. I have several serving pieces with the name grace on it and I wouldnt part with them.
But I get real excittied if I can find a "B" my last name.

His Doorkeeper said...

All your daughter's little monogrammed outfits are precious!
Yes, I love a monogram!

I grew up with a girl names Mary Margaret and I was so pleased to see your daughter's name...you don't hear that too much! So feminine, I think. And, of course, I love the name Harper....for some reason!!! har
Kelly's Mom and soon-to-be Harper's grandma!

CC said...

I love monogrammed but I don't get anything monogrammed. Because... I give everything away and I hate feeling "stuck" with something. I can't give away things that have a name or letter on it. My daughter has the cutest 1st birthday dress with her 1st initial on it. I don't know any other girls with that same 1st initial so I'm stuck!

LG said...

Obcessed too! VEry cute outfits you got them and I LOVE that font! My mom has a monogram machine as well and I tried to get her to do some pillowcases for me this weekend. Lost Cause. I am just gonna have to pay to have them done!

Lauren said...

I monogramm everything... Dish towels, dresses, shirts, diaper bags, backpacks, pajamas, blankets... Basically anything I can get my hands on.

It is so fun... and definitely addicting!

Stacey Wilson said...

I WOULD monogram everything, but God didn't bless me with little darling girls. Instead, he blessed me with 3 rough and tumble boys whose Dad was mortified that I had their one year picture taken in their one and only monogrammed outfit!! My heart smiles for you and your love for monogram. If I had girls or A GIRL, I would be the very same.

Katie said...

I looooooooove monogramming! I want a machine with those capabilities, simply because I want to monogram everything. Sigghhh...those outfits are all so cute. Where do you get your un-monogrammed outfits? Do you have someone (or yourself) that makes them? Or do you buy them plain like that? If so, where? (Sorry for all that question bombardment...)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Those monogrammed outfits are so cute! Do you do this yourself or do you order them from someplace? I know there are monogramming machines out there but don't know much about doing it. If I had a little girl I think I would be addicted to it...I especially love initialed items.

Amy said...

I love them too! I am finding myself buying more and more monogrammed items these days. I've learned to do an "S" so that both girls can wear the outfits(at least that is how I justify buying them to begin with-haha). I've just signed up to be a RagsLand represetative starting in January, so I am really in trouble now!
Your girls are precious!