Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not not buy the girls 2 more matching outfits. Ok, 3 more. Please hubby, I hope you are not reading this and if you are, I am asking for forgiveness. The first step is admitting you have a problem....right?

I did not stay in my pajamas all day Friday.

I did not order out Friday night just because....well, just because.

I did not beg incessantly to my hubby to put up the Christmas tree on Sunday. He refused. I'm still not speaking to him (just kidding, but barely)!

I did not take 150 pictures of the girls playing in the leaves.

I did not cook soup for the 3rd time in a week.

I did not let the girls destroy the living room Sunday afternoon, while I pretended not to notice.

I did not feel guilty for playing on the computer Sunday afternoon while the girls destroyed the living room.

I did not lose a library book for the very first time (EVER) last week and have to spend $15 for the fine. Dang, those Berenstain Bears.

I did not continue to make HJ a bottle even though she is 14 months old. Hey, sometimes you've got to pick your battles. At least she is almost weaned from all that nursing.

What about you? Tell me something you did not do! And don't forget to head over the MckMama's blog for more Not Me Monday!


Lori said...

so where are the pictures of the girls playing in the leaves??

don't you hate having to pay for library books (I've never had to, but I had kids in my classes who had... those books can be pricey)

Katie said...

I've been loving your Not Me! posts, so today I had to participate, too. The Christmas tree...hahaha!

Yeah! Where are the leaf pictures?! :o)

Brandy said...

I did not fall asleep Friday in the recliner thus giving Amelia the opportunity to cut her hair while playing with her school scissors!

CC said...

leaf pictures?? where?

You are so lucky you can even buy your girls matching outfits. There are NO low-budget matching outfits for a boy and girl. :(

Jamie said...

Love that list!

Stacey Wilson said...

I added Not Me Mondays! I love this and by the way . . . you are such a wonderful Mama. I laughed out loud reading your script!

just jamie said...

Love this!

(I did not have a glass of wine while doing report cards.)

Jessica said...

I too asked to mentioned puttin gup teh tree and was firmly given a negative!