Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

Mondays just seem to come around too quickly. You know what it's time for?? Not Me Monday!
Here goes nothing:
*I did not think several curse words when our heat failed on Friday.
*I did not feel like I was on an episode of This Old House (minus the Bob Vila character).
*I did not secretly rejoice when the girls went to bed early on Friday night.
*I did not have the hubby put a mattress in front of the fireplace just so I could lounge around on it all weekend long (remember -- our heat has been out).
*I did not pretend to forget to wash clothes the latter part of last week. Moral of the story: you can't ignore laundry, it does not go away, and it multiplies.
*I did not do more Christmas shopping online just because thinking about shopping with 2 little girls an hour away from home scares me. I can do it, just not during the Christmas season.
*I did not do a single thing around the house this weekend unless you count all that lounging and relaxing and online shopping. I'm regretting my decision a little now because this house? It is a mess.
*I did not load an entire truck load of firewood into the hubby's truck and surprise him with it yesterday. I would never do that. That's much too sweet!
*I did not let HJ fall asleep in the Fisher Price Jumperoo.
*I did not let MM watch 3 Christmas movies in a row yesterday because that would be way too much television for a 5 year old. Wouldn't it?
*I did not enjoy all three Christmas movies.
*I do not laugh every time I look at the tortured HJ Santa pictures. Oh the drama!
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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Nice list! I would have LOVED to relax all weekend! Sounds great! I did some firewood with my husband last week too!

Lori said...

great list... I hope the heat stay on now

Laura said...

I like winter, but no heat?! Argh!

CC said...

Wait. Stop the presses.

Ignored laundry doesn't go away?????

Leigh said...

I love this!~
You are just a doll, Lindsey! Prescious! Glad you got to get a relaxing weekend. You deserve it.
You are right about the laundry. I have done 4 loads at my house today alone and still not through.

Trannyhead said...

The online shopping is SO dangerous - especially with the free shipping. I did all my shopping online, this year, and I BOUGHT SO MUCH STUFF. It's a disaster. I have enough toys for 3 toddlers in this house for Christmas. I cannot control myself!

Katie said...

The mattress on the floor in front of the fireplace, that just sounds down-right cozy. I wouldn't mind the heat going out if I got to do that! haha! Oh and my laundry has learned to asexually reproduce. I KNOW that we do NOT wear that many clothes, the three of us.

Leigh Ann said...

This list does not remind me of my own life. LOL!