Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've been recovering, I guess. I cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal for the first time ever including turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, corn, and rolls. This was an enormous accomplishment for little ol' me. The hubby made a pecan pie from scratch. Yes, you read that correctly. Even the pie crust. It was a sight to behold. The pecans came from our very own pecan tree which was kind of cool. The hubby is a mean one with the rolling pin and flour. The pie was absolutely delish.

We've also been crazy about our real fireplace. We have had a fire almost every night. There are many aspects that I am enjoying about our new "old" house (though we are still not finished).

MM is loving, I mean serioulsy loving, the Elf on the Shelf. If you have not seen this, you've got to get one. Such a cute idea except when the Elf (we named ours Gracie) forgets to move to a new spot. Whoops!

We've been watching Christmas movies. Oh the Christmas movies! From Minnie and Mickey to Home Alone. Who doesn't love this time of year?

I have also seen these 8 random facts posts on several blogs and decided to participate. Here it goes:

1. I love the way coffee smells but can't stand to drink it.
2. I have never, ever colored my hair (yet, but I'm afraid that might be coming sooner than I'd like).
3. I would love to have 4 kiddos. We will not, but I would love to have a really big family like that. The hubby is happy right where we are.
4. My hair was curly/very wavy until I had MM. No one saw my hair like that b/c I always straightened it. Now, though, I wish I could wear my hair curly. Oh, the grass is always greener...
5. I did not begin cooking until June 2007. It was just not an interest of mine, but now I love it and I'm slowly getting better at it.
6. I always sleep in matching pajamas. Every night.
7. I adore Christmas ornaments. We never do a "theme" tree. We have a smorgasbord and I love it. I collect an ornament every place we visit and each family member gets 1 (or 5-ha) new ornaments every year. Needless to say, we have a very "full" tree.
8. I love words. This was one of the aspects of teaching that I so loved. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching/learning about new vocabulary words. Yes, I'm a dork.

Also I will be participating in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes (for the second year in a row). YIPPEE!!!

Merry Christmas!


Lori said...

isn't there something super cool about watching a guy cook??

Lauren said...

Oh, I love ornaments too! When I was little my mom collected Madame Alexander ornaments for me and my sister... She has now given them to me to use on Emma Kate's little tree! So fun! Each one has a special story and I LOVE that!

I HAVE to get us an "Elf on the Shelf". Such a cute idea! Drew would have so much fun with that!

Laura said...

You have been VERY BUSY!!! Where's the pic of that turkey?!

CC said...

Your thanksgiving meal sounds so great!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost always wear matching pjs. Flannel for me :)

We have a real fireplace, but can't use it b/c it smokes up the whole house :(

grizaham said...

Coffee is one of the best smelling creations on this earth (before made or heated or whatever)...... So how in the world can it be the worst tasting substance known to man!!!
I totally agree!

LG said...

1. Your blog looks awesome!
2. need more pics of your house
3. totally jel of the REAL fireplace!

Katie said...

Hey girl! I am so glad that you found my blog! and now I found yours! I will have to add yours to mine so that I don't forget the address! Your girls are absolutely precious!! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to staying in touch! I believe that I do blogging better than FB.


Katie said...

WOW! I would flip out if my husband baked an (edible) pie from scratch! That's awesome!! And that is so neat that y'all have your own pecan tree! And I LOVE The Elf on the Shelf! We got one last year. Amelia is really too young for it, but I'm not. hahahahahaha!

Leigh said...

I am with you , Lindsey on 1 and 7. And you just come on over to the cabin and sit a spell, I'd love to have you!