Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hi, my name is Lindsey and I'm a dork.

Thought I should confess/admit that before I got started with today's blog.

I have always had a love affair with words. I love them. I love learning new words. I love teaching MM new words. I love games with words (uh, hello Scrabble). I really love doing the Jumble in the newspaper. Oh and I so loved the game show Lingo (it's on the Game Show Network).

I've been trying to keep 2 lists (imagine that? I am such a list's called ADD--ha). One list is words that we have learned and the other list is words that I want to teach her.

We have learned exhausted, famished, disaster, britches (you would be surprised how many 5th graders didn't know this word), tidy (something her room is never), fragile, furious, appropriate, patient, scolded, serious, honest, grumpy, cozy, gentle (imagine that word being used a lot when HJ arrived), delighted, solved, curious (oh thank you Curious George), and clamor (thanks to you The Night Before Christmas). Now she doesn't always use them properly in context but she tries and it is oh-so-cute.

I want to teach her agile, sassy, lethargic, don, mended, wise, animated (b/c hello? MM is) emerged, peculiar, surrounded, peruse, conundrum, serene, inquisitive, resplendent, obstinate, impeccable, candid, copious, blunder, adamant, adhere, chaos (uh, totally describes her room), and this list it could go on and on.

I love words. Seriously. I am the person that loves the Reader's Digest Word Power. M's Mom made him complete the Word Power when he was a little boy. That got me to thinking that I might just take a subscription to Reader's Digest....HMMMMMMM!

Do you love word games? Do you love words? Do you teach your kids words?

And lastly what are some of your favorite words...and please don't leave the 4 letter kind?! HA!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Drama

Well you remember that antibiotic that I had to pour down my baby's throat...well, guess what? This morning (after an extremely fretful night...I mean like I got 45 min total of sleep and I'm not sure they were consecutive), she awoke to a rash, a dreaded rash. ALL. OVER. HER. BODY.

That's right. It's even all over her poor little noggin. And don't you know it itches?

It's been a dreadful 24 hours here at this household, but we are making it. She was prescribed another antibiotic though I'm fearful of giving it to her. After all, the last one causing the rash and all other sorts of stomach issues to boot.

Needless to say, I've been saying "Calgon take me away" all day long.

MM finally asked me this funny question, "Mommy exactly who is Calgon?"

Ah, just what I needed. A laugh!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Events

This weekend was so full of outsideness (is that a word?). It was lovely.

Friday night we had a mini "block" party with some of our neighbors. The kids played. The adults do what adults do: sit back, play referee, and enjoy some converstaion.

Saturday, M decide to buy the girls a big, ole' wooden swing-set. Of course, MM was so excited. She told everyone, and I do mean everyone about it. She asked all our neighbors to come over and play. Obviously she did not understand that it had to be put together. Maybe next month, our neighbors may come over and play.

Oh I kid. Surely it will be sometime this week. She actually though her Daddy should stay home from work today so he could devote all his time to assembling the swing set.

M and MM unloaded all the wood. She was so glad to be a helper. She then helped him take "in-ben-tory" of all the pieces. He finished the ladder to the stairs and seriously she said, "What a lovely set of stairs!"

Late Saturday night before she nodded off to sleep she said, "Dad is the man with the plan of the swing set and I love him."

M is like the most wonderful person in all the world to MM. He won MAJAH brownie points. (Don't you just love MAJAH? I sound so very Posh, so very Beckham. Too bad I don't have her fashion budget.)

Little Miss HJ had a tough little weekend. She did turn 8 months old on Friday (where has all that time gone?). She ran a high fever all weekend and obviously did not feel well. Her little eyes look so weak. So off to the doctor we went this morning.

Ear infections in both ears. Yes, that's right, my friends, both ears. The Dr. gave her an antibiotic. She has to take a TON of it twice daily. Seriously, have the drug makers ever heard of concentrated??? I want those drug makers to give HJ this medicine twice a day and see how much of it goes down into her belly. VERY little. She was spitting it out just as fasts as I could put in in. I really don't blame her. If it tastes anything like it smells, then YUCK!!!

So that was my weekend. I hope you had a great one.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Economic Stimulus Package
Per (Feel free to click on the link) MSN article, checks are going to be mailed beginning soon. What do you plan on spending your money on?? I guess we will be buying gas with ours...HAHA. Seriously, though, are you planning on going on a fabulous vacation or wonderful shopping spree?? Do tell. Details, please.

I'm sure we are putting ours to good use. It will go towards M's doctoral classes this summer. Have I mentioned how much I want him to finish school?? Well let me reiterate that fact. I. WANT. HIM. TO. FINISH. So does he. He is on burn out. I can certainly understand. I barely completed my Master's and that degree almost killed me.
What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to enjoy doing nothing. Nada. Zilch. We have zero plans and it is oh-so-nice. I do plan on planting some things in our window boxes. I'll post some pics of that when I finish. Probably petunias. They always do well.
I've also spent only one day in my pjs this week. Quite an improvement over my winter time. HA! I'm awful. I know. I know.
Oh and I'm adding a poll. Please vote and tell me how you really feel:)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food for thought

Have you ever tried to feed an octopus?

No? Really?

Have you ever tried to dress an octopus? Nope?

Well I have. HJ is officially an octopus.

And trying to change her diaper. Oh. My. Goodness.

Now that she knows how to move 'n groove and shimmy 'n shake and crawl everywhere, it has become a MAJAH task to dress, change her diaper, and feed her.

I'm just glad I have pretty good aim during feeding time. She is so fast, that one. I feel like I need a nap after changing her clothes. Whew! It really feels like I am fighting 8 appendages.


Tonight I put a little mask on M's nose. Later on, he was going to sleep. Out of the blue, he asked me to buy some new pillows. He changed pillows like 3 different times. I finally asked him what was going on. He said that all the pillows were stinky.

I reminded him that he still had the mask on his nose and when he would press his face against the pillow, he would get a great big whiff of the mask! We got a great laugh out of it.


I was watching Martha Stewart recently and she totally said, "I'm going to blog this." I thought it was hysterical and know my bloggy friends will appreciate it:)


Necessity is the mother of invention:
Tonight I went to McDonald's with my sweet teacher friend, April, and her 2 precious kiddos. I just got to thinking "Why doesn't our local Mexican restaurant have a huge indoor playground??"

At least then, I could enjoy a good margarita, er I mean, some tasty cheese dip while I watch Mary Margaret wear herself out on the jungle gym.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Saturday Full 'O Fun

How I love my new camera....
Let me count the ways!!!!
After my birthday dinner...

Here is MM with our friend Maggie riding in the Barbie Jeep in the backyard.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Some of these may seem like I am being a little sarcastic...and I totally am.

1. I'm thankful for the medicine Stye. Know why? Because I have had 2 sties in the same eye in the past 3 days. I've been forced to wear my glasses. Icky! Yucky! Poo!

2. I'm thankful for the hospital grade Medela pump that I still have checked out. Know why? HJ is refusing to nurse on the left side. She has been doing this for the past 10 days. I didn't really notice at first b/c it was so gradual though now it's like a really bad plastic surgery job.

3. I'm thankful for leftovers. Need I say more?

4. I'm thankful for my new camera. I love, love, love it.

5. Now I want to take a photography class so I could learn all the bells and whistles on my brand spanking new camera.

6. I'm loving all this warm weather. Now if it would only stay like this....

7. I'm thankful my classroom has been all packed up. It's over and done with. And now it's all in our storage unit, uh, I mean garage:)

8. I'm thankful for clean sheets that are waiting for me on my lovely bed.

9. I'm thankful for my bloggy friend, Just Jamie. She gave me the sweetest little award and I'm honored. Jamie is the mother of boy-girl twins. And those twins, they are adorable. Seriously. Adorable. And Jamie, she has some of the most creative posts EVAH and she has a great sense of humor. Go visit her. You'll be glad you did! Here is my precious little award:

I puffy heart your blog!!!

10. Now I am passing on this award to Ashley. She is the mother of a precious little girl and guess what else? She is a photographer and a good one at that. I love checking out her page for lots of cool photo ideas:) Go see her! I puffy heart your blog Ashley!

11. Leigh also gave me a little award. She is a fantastic mother (and a great photographer) and loves her friend Fabian Sanchez. Yes that Fabian on Dancing with the Stars. Leigh is also super funny. I always laugh when I visit over there. She is a fellow Alabamian. One day, we need to meet for lunch, don't we Leigh? Go and check her out. I promise you will laugh! She gave me this award:

12. I want to pass this award on to a new blog I've been reading. This chick, Law Student Hot Mama, is for real funny. She is in law school and her husband is overseas AND she is raising an eight month old darling Sumo baby. Really, she calls him Sumo baby. He is a doll, seriously, a precious little Sumo baby. You just want to pinch his cheeks. Anyway, this Law Student will keep you in stiches. You'll love her! She's sarcastic and she keeps it real. Check her out and come back and I'll tell you I told you so!

13. Oh and I'm done.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gone Movie Gone

We watched the movie Gone Baby Gone tonight and WHEW! was I ever ready for it to be over. Anyone out there watched it? What did you think? I despised the way it ended.

My husband actually told me that I had lost my Netflix duties. HA! We had to watch a comedy afterwards just to get it out of our minds.


M is on Spring Break this week and it is nice having us all at home. I am having a really hard time trying to clean while he is here. It's like I am cleaning around him and it's impossible. Maybe I am just looking for an excuse:) MM wakes up every morning and says, "Daddy, you are going to be home with us again. Yippee!"

I may not be cleaning, but I sure did take a nap with HJ today and it was so nice. Don't you just love a good nap?


I received a bloggy award yesterday and plan on blogging about it tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. Must sleep....I must be catching up on some lost baby sleep.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who doesn't love a good surprise? or How I am not dreading my 30th bday as much?

Last week my husband was out of town. I don't like it when he is out of town. You see, we live downtown. You can go a several blocks over and it can be a little scary. Plus scaredy cat, yep, that's me. There. I admit it. Thankfully he rarely has to go out of town and now when he does we can go with him....b/c now I am job-free:)

So he was gone. We all missed him. MM actually cried when I told her that he would be home tomorrow not tonight. You see, tomorrow is like for-eva in pre-school land. That night, I didn't sleep. Ok, exaggeration, but I did not sleep a lot. That is the night my dear neighbor's baby decided to arrive and my neighbors were up all night. First, they walked up and down our street. I really should have joined them instead of being Gladys Kravitz and just watching. Then they loaded the car....twice. Got in. Got out. Walked up and down the street again. Every time the car door slammed, I was convinced it was the boogey man coming to get me. Childish you are thinking? Well that's me too. Childish and scaredy cat. Pretty much sums it up.

Needless to say the next afternoon, we were all so glad we he arrived home. I had cooked a big meal for him. MM had a new picture. Excited, yes ma'am. About an hour and half after his arrival, I took a shower. When I got out MM was singing the "Happy Birthday" song. I was all like, "How did you know my birthday was coming up?" Then, I walked into our bedroom and there...something big wrapped in a fleece blanket (don't fault him for presentation--he didn't have time).

There. it. was. My birthday present a week early.

I knew what it was. We had been saving for awhile for me to upgrade to a SLR digital camera, a Nikon, no less. My dream. So I could record every smile, every important event, every milestone. We had the money saved but I just couldn't do it. He had tried to get me to go and get it. I just couldn't do it. I mean, don't get me wrong. I REEEEEEEAAAALLLLY wanted this camera, but that money could have been used toward something else. Say, bills, for instance?!

But oh-how-excited I was!! I cried for an hour. See I'm still a little hormonal...I gave birth months ago but I still can cry at the drop of a hat or a sad commercial, you name it, I'll cry. I couldn't even open the box for awhile. I was so touched by M. He even remembered an extra battery, a Nikon camera bag, a large memory card, and an ultra-violet lens protector.

Amazed. I was so amazed. He knew I wasn't going to get it myself so he surprised me. Now let me please show you some new photos from my brand spanking new camera. Did I mention how much I love my husband? Oh and turning 30 on Friday, it just got a whole lot easier:)

Here is Harper Jane. 7 1/2 months old. Don't you just want to pinch that little dimple? I sure do.

Mary Margaret, Kramer (or Don King, if you prefer) hair and all.

Also here is a picture of HJ's new favorite food. Have I told y'all that she hates baby food? Well, she loathes baby food. She wants to eat whatever I'm eating, and ashamedly I am letting her. Go ahead, mark me off the award ballot for "Mother of the Year." She loves some carbs. Baked potatoes, cream potatoes, and french fries. Here is a picture of the french fries. Oh does she have teeth, you ask? No, she has zero teeth, but she is one mean gummer!

Here she is gumming that french fry. She's loving it. Go ahead and give me the lecture on giving my kids good eating habits at a young age. Go ahead. I know, I know.

Here is HJ showing off her new pulling up skillz.

Last one for now, I promise!

Friday, April 11, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I love to plant stuff. This is somewhat of a new obsession. It does not necessarily mean that I have a green thumb. This next week I am going to work on my garden and my window boxes.

We always plant tomatoes. This year I think I'll plant green peppers and cucumbers. Do you have any advice? I'm always looking for some old wives' tale.

Do you plant anything? If so, what?

Q and A

My sweet bloggy friend, Kelly, is having a Q and A session over at her blog b/c she was having a slow blogging week. Kelly is a Christian (first and foremost). She is truly adorable, has great taste (both in decorating and in clothes), and loves Paula Deen almost as much as me. She also wants to have a baby. Say a little prayer for her. She will be a fabulous mother. She decided to ask me a few questions and I just had to answer them. So here we go....

How did you and your husband meet?

I was an intern at his school. Now I do realize how horrible that sounds (think Monica Lewinsky), but I was not his intern. He taught elementary school in Auburn. I was assigned to his school as another teacher's intern. We met in the door way to his classroom and yes, the soundtrack kicked in when I saw his smile. Cheezy, yes I know. We started dating but had to keep it a secret until my internship was over (6 long secretive weeks). We started dating in November, got engaged in April and married in August. We just knew. Why wait?

He proposed to me in that very same doorway where we met. And guess what? His parents met at school AND his grandparents met at school. We were married in 2001 and he makes this journey oh-so-much fun.

That August we moved to Carrollton, Georgia and taught at the very same school (Michael taught 5th grade and I taught 4th grade). We actually rode to school together every morning. This was not a good idea. I do not recommend it unless you are both morning people. BTW, Michael is NOT a morning person. I would just wake up all bubbly, and eager to teach. I would discuss every thing I planned on teaching my 4th graders on the way to school. I would get zero response from him. Finally, I just used that small little ride to school as my prayer time. Ha. He was (and still is) a great sounding board and cheerleader for me. It was a long, very hard first year teaching for me and I hated, despised Eastern time zone. I could not adjust to it. My body clock was on Central time zone and would not change.

So we moved back to my neck of the woods (North Alabama) after that school year ended (June 2002). It was then that we discovered that I was pregnant. Surprised (we had not even been married a year), but we were excited. Our new jobs were in different school districts and that was ok. Around the 6th week of my pregnancy, I began having heavy bleeding. I was distraught. After about 4 weeks of watching the "sac" not have a heartbeat and not growing but my HCG was increasing (which is why the doctor wanted to just watch, wait and see), I developed a fever. Michael was out of town (of course, I have wonderful timing). My aunt and mother rushed me to the hospital where an emergency d&c was performed (July 19th). I'll never forget that date. I was to be due on February 19th, but God had better plans.

We started that school year. Michael was an assistant coach for the high school football team. It consumed his time. I felt very alone. He was very busy. I was trying to deal with the miscarriage so I threw myself into my work. That helped me a lot. I made lots of sweet friends at my school. They were all very supportive (and still are). We decided not to try to have a baby. We would just wait. I just wasn't ready for that worry and heartache again.

God would have a hand in our plans. He decided that in February of 2003 I would get pregnant(remember how I was supposed to be due that February). Beginning in March I was so sick, so very sick. So very sick, in fact, that we had to tell people earlier than we wanted to. I couldn't very well have a virus for weeks, could I? I threw up until I was 20 weeks. It was brutal. It is a wonder that we have a second child after all the sickness.

We bought a house in my school district and moved. Michael worked oh-so-very hard on our very old home. He and his Dad painted and prepared and fixed and repaired LOTS of things.

We found out we were having a baby girl in July of '03 and she would be called Mary Margaret. Mary from my sweet grandmother and Margaret from my wonderful great aunt that was watching down from heaven. Mary Margaret arrived 3 weeks early on November 5. She weighted 5 pounds and 12 ounces. She arrived at 3:45 am and if you can avoid having a baby in the wee hours of the morning, I recommend it. I had to go back to work when she was just 8 weeks old. I was miserable, but my mother kept her and I am still so thankful that "Nanny" and MM have such a fabulous relationship.

There are a few more questions from Mrs. Kelly and I'll work on those soon. Anybody else got a question for me? Ask away!

Below is a picture of Michael and I at Amber's, one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogger's Block


I've got it.

Nothing to report, no funny stories to tell, no drama.




Though sometimes I like my life to be boring. What does that mean? Does that show my age?

Do you ever run out of things to write about?

Monday, April 7, 2008

More MM-isms

IF YOU ARE SICK OF READING ABOUT MY 4 YEAR OLD, JUST PRESS THE BACK BUTTON. My life has been a little boring as of late (How fabulous) and she is my only "fluffy" material. I'm not quite ready for some heavier topics....such as current gas prices, the recession, Britney Spears' mental illness, politics, Darfur, immigration, etc. so y'all just bear with me.

I have a lot of blooming tulips (I realize that sounds bad--"blooming tulips," but I think it is funny) in our backyard. They are wonderful! I love them and so does MM. She wants to pick them all. I mean, every last one of them.

This afternoon, we were walking around our block. We do that a lot. She saw a tulip in our neighbor's yard.

MM: Hey Mommy, there is another tu-lip. Hey, why do they call them tulips? I don't see their two lips?!

I had no response. I mean really, what could I say?


Tonight we were snuggling in my bed. She was supposed to be going to sleep. I got on to her and reminded her to "rest" her eyes.

MM: Mommy, I AM dreaming. I am dreaming of being a television star.

OH MY GOODNESS! Where does she come up with these things?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mary Margaret-isms

MM: Mommy my little giraffe, E-wi-zabeth is sick. She needs some ty-me-nol.


This afternoon we were outside playing and walking around the block. MM had to pick up sticks.
MM: Ooh, Mommy, this is a good stick. I think I'll add it to my collection.


She just learned the word "famished" last week! She came into the living room on Friday, whining and acting like she was about to fall down (you know, just for dramatic flair) and said, "Mommy, I am so hungry. I am vanished. I need some food."

Hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Littlest Performer

I realize that I have been MIA from the blogging world as of late. Real life has been really busy!

The past few months MM has been going to plays with her Daddy. She loves, I mean, LOVES them. It is their "date" time. She came home from each play talking about how much she wanted to be on stage. She believes she is a performer. She really has no fear of being in front of people whether singing or talking.

In our little city, there is a theatre company and this company is preparing to present The Sound of Music (a MM favorite). So you got it....I've been busy practicing with her. We watched the movie a few times, listened to the music a lot (she had to memorize several songs for the audition), and practiced singing with someone playing the piano. I realize that she is extremely young to be trying out (she's 4 and 4 months), but I feel like it would be a good experience for her. She was going to try out for Gretl the 5 year old. The director was looking for someone that is between the ages of 4 and 7.

The first set of tryouts were held last night. We went with the intention of just watching and then we were going to go back tonight for the real tryout. MM would have nothing of just sitting in the audience. She had to get on the stage. She was by far the youngest trying out for Gretl.

First all the children had to stand in a circle and sing "Do Re Me" and all 38 inches of her was just a singin'. Absolutely NO fear.

Then the director had the children trying out in sets of Van Trapp children. You remember the scene, the children were all standing in line at attention and meet Maria for the first time. Maria said to Gretl, "And you must be Gretl." Gretl is supposed to take two stomps out, nod her head, and stomp back in line.

I was out in the audience, obviously very nervous, but there was my 4 year old, not a care in the world and certainly not nervous. Here came her turn. She stomped out after Maria said, "And you must be Gretl." Just as serious as MM could be she stomped out and replied, "No, I'm Mary Margaret." She then stomped back in line.

There were tons of kids there trying out (a lot of my former students) and everyone erupted in laughter. I, at first, was worried that MM would be upset about everyone laughing, but no....she just got this mischievous little grin across her face.

I am well aware that she did not follow the directions. I am well aware that she is really young to be trying out. I am well aware that she probably won't get the part. But you know what? She was the best in my heart and she was memorable. She did a few other funny things and the director was definitely laughing at her.

She had the absolute best time. She loved it. It was like she was in her element. And I'm guessing that this will not be the last time we try out for a play or a musical. She woke up this morning and asked, "Mommy, when can I get on the stage again?"