Friday, August 29, 2008


Today my grandmother, Nene, the girls, and I went to lunch and for some shopping. While we were shopping, MM had an itch. She was very dramatic while she was trying to scratch it. It was a big deal.

She looks at Nene and me and ever-so-serious she stated, "Oh no Mommy! It must be an allergy attack."


Obviously, we have been watching too many commercials.


Oh and McDonald's please get some new toys. The Star Wars Happy Meal toys are killing me. Between "Dark Vapor" and "Princess Maia" I am going crazy.


MM has these stuffed baby birds (think Ty Beanie Babyish). These birds have been sitting on a pretend nest.

I asked MM why the birds were sitting on the nest.

"Well Mommy, the birds are waiting for their eggs to catch."

So there you have it.

Happy Weekend!

Other Random Improvements....

Oh here we go again....

Here are the lovely wall heaters. We had them all removed.


The Master Bedroom had all this wonderfully icky carpet. We pulled it up and removed it. Apparently, the previous owner had some sort of pet.....that was not potty trained. Oh yes. The carpet had been there so long that the carpet pad had turned into POWDER. Yes, you read that correctly. It was powder. We were able to SHOP VAC it and sweep it up. So disgusting. Yes, I was definitely wearing my mask and shower cap. Quite a sight!

Guess what Michael received for Father's Day??? A toolbelt. What a great gift it had turned out to be. Just call him Tool-time Tim!

Y'all have a great weekend! Enjoy college football. We will! WAR EAGLE!

P.S. Can y'all believe I posted 3 days in a row?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Master Bath

The bath is actually 2 rooms, the room with the tub, sink, and toilet and the small vanity area. The room with the sink, tub, and toilet started out with this lovely blue ceramic tile. Behind that ceramic tile is a WHOLE lot of cement and then fabulous wire netting. It is horrible trying to "gut" it all. Michael and I had lots o' fun. Seriously, I was wearing a mask and a shower cap (gotta be protected).

We are knocking down the wall separating the 2 rooms. We are moving the sink to the vanity area, building a linen closet, and adding a jetted, whirlpool tub.

Here are the girls while we are working. Mary Margaret actually was a lot of help. She loves to wear her "work gloves" with the bugs on them. Hilarious!

Here is a glimpse of the outside:

We are kind of in a holding pattern right now. We are having the house completely re-wired and re-plumbed....apparently that takes some time. Who knew? We should start seeing more aesthetic work in about 10 days.....hopefully. Ever watched "Flip That House"?? Well, we are totally there, over-budget and over our expected time line. I guess that is how it goes in old home renovation, right?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's up?

Hey readers, that is if I still have any?! I have been so busy. My baby, Harper Jane turned one on Monday. We had a fabulous party on Saturday at my aunt's out by her pool. We had such fun. I've been teary since then. Mary Margaret will begin pre-school on Tuesday. I'm overwhelmed. Why can't I just stop time?

I'll be posting some sweet pictures of the birthday girl soon. She loved digging into her cake and rubbing it all over her legs. Yes, she was covered (literally) in cake!

Here are a few pics of the house.

We have "chipped" up all that parquee flooring. Underneath was glue covered pine wood floors. They will be refinished shortly. Don't you love the built ins in the dining room? I do. I did get to keep all the antique chandeliers--so excited about that. Also, did you see the kitchen? Well it's not there any more. We've taken all that to the studs....scary, very scary or at least my Nene told me that when she saw it over the weekend (remember, she has no vision).

Here are some "in action" shots (living room and kitchen):

Have I scared you yet! The next post will be the master bath. Prepare yourself!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A List!

Can you believe it? A list? On my blog? Shocking, I know. Here is a list of all things going on with the Douglas family.

1. We've moved into an apartment (albeit a brand new apartment) in a somewhat scary 'hood.
2. It was only supposed to be for a month.
3. We are now looking at being here for 6 weeks.
4. After all is said and done, we will probably be here for 2 months (we hope)!
5. HJ turns 1 in 2 weeks. I'm still in denial.
6. MM starts pre-school after Labor Day.
7. Nervous is an understatement when I think of that.
8. Manual labor is killing me at our new (old) house.
9. We "chipped" up parquet floors off the original hard woods in 3 (B I G) rooms.

10. That sounds a lot easier than it actually was. LOTS 'o GLUE on those parquet boards. Lots 'o glue!
11. I'm so sore I can barely pick up HJ.
12. I'm a fragile, delicate flower and should not be performing such feats.
13. Just kidding! I really loved every minute of it. It was such a stress reliever!
14. Our old house had 15 (yes, 15) wall heaters. They were all removed yesterday. They were not child-friendly and we really didn't need them.
15. Our backyard now is home to the following items: a stove, a cook-top, a toilet, a sink, 15 wall heaters, and an old microwave.
16. We are like the "Sanford and Son" of our historic neighborhood.

17. Obviously, not the impression I was hoping to make.
18. I invited my grandmother to come see our new house.
19. She said she probably shouldn't come see it right now.
20. She reminded me that she lacks "vision"!
21. She is right not to come see our house right now as it is a major construction situation. At least she is honest:)

What about you? Do you lack vision? Are you able to see the hidden potential in an old house? Or do you prefer a new home? Let me know. I'll let you know if I've changed my mind after this ordeal. HA!

I promise (PROMISE) that I will upload some pics of our progress.