Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Repeater

As a parent, do you ever feel like Charlie Brown's teacher?


I certainly do. Mary Margaret is a repeater. It is just a fact of life. When she says something the first time and I don't answer, I get the repeat.

And the repeat.

And the repeat.

I mean to tell you, I better answer her and answer her fast.

And that girl, doesn't even give me time to answer. She just keeps on with all that questioning.

And sometimes when I answer her, she still repeats. I get flustered and frustrated.

And how is it that even with all the "Mommy trials" I wake up welcoming each day? I savor (most all) moments. I love being a Mommy. I would be happy if my kids stay this way. I adore Mommyhood. I love staying at home (though I didn't expect to).. I'm so thankful for my job as a full time.


Lori said...

to cute...

love the "mommy trials" comment

Leigh said...

Me too, girl! I wouldnt take anything for it. I am blessed.

Kim said...

Yep, we have a repeater!! Dagan will say "Momma, Momma" over and over until I answer him. I can be looking right at him, but it is not enough until I actually say "Yes, honey what do you want".

Christy said...

Oh, I don't want Jude to get older, either. But, Thank you for the post...I was afraid you were getting "blogger-lazy". I mean, I know you have TONS of time after you raise 2 children. ;-)

LaskiGal said...

There are moments things he does drive me a little batty . . . but in the exact same moment, I wouldn't want it any other way.

I so, so get it . . . every word of what you say.

Stefanie said...

I am so with you. My little Trenton will talk my ears off from the moment I pick him up in the afternoons till we get home. Somedays I am so frustrated from work that I want peace, but I love hearing his voice. And somedays the questions never stop but I cherish every minute because I know eventually they grow up and then they don't want to talk to there mommy.