Friday, January 30, 2009

This Week I Have...

*ignored the laundry

*packed for all 4 of us for a quick visit to Auburn (Not an easy task especially when one must think of matching hairbows, shoes, and accessories---yes, I'm a little obsessive!)

*ate my very favorite pizza at Mellow Mushroom (sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, red pepper flakes). I have tried to duplicate it at home but it is just not the same.

*spent Thursday shopping with my sister (2 hours were spent in Target....I had to get my fill)

*watched MM hug HJ and proclaim, "Best Friends Forever!"

*my heart melted after hearing that sweet proclamation

*not had to cook for 3 days (WooHoo). What a nice break!

*jammed out to music with Abbey. My little sis and I both have a love for music so it is so much fun listening with her. We always have a story for every song and those songs just take me back. We have always been crazy about the music.

*actually bought a few items of clothing for me and not my children (**GASP**)

*watched American Idol. I was an avid follower for the first few years, but I have not watched the last two. I'm still not sure I'm interested.

*let the girls stay up late.

*watched For Love or Money with Michael J. Fox (oh how I love that cheesy flick), The Silence of the Lambs (I watched this for the very first time at Amber Quinn's house back in the 8th grade. I won't tell you how long I had nightmares), Runaway Bride, and The Day After Tomorrow (you know, because I want it to snow). Talk about a random movie choices.

*bought a new fryer (yes, I know fried food is bad, very bad). We need hot wings. 'Nough said.

*did not drink my daily amount of water (this was a resolution for me). Sad that I'm already slacking.

*played "Stickers" with the girls. HJ loves to stick them all over her face. At the end of every day, you should see the bottom of our socks/shoes....covered in stickers. Oh well--they are only young once, right?

*tended to both of the girls. HJ has had an ear infection and MM has been running a "phantom" fever...meaning it comes and goes randomly.

*been covered in snot (nice visual, eh?) because of aforementioned sickness.

*answered MM about 478 times that Christmas isn't coming around again for a long time.

*been reading Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City).

*have not stayed in pajamas for a full day (surprised?)

*prayed for Harper Brown Stamps!

What about you? What have you been doing all week?


Katie said...

I have been in and out of closets all week trying to get my life organized (HAHA!) before this baby comes in April! I'm in freak-out mode because I'm afraid I won't be ready. And, yes, praying for Harper.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Just found your blog! Love this! It's almost 3 and I'm still in my pj's. I have no good excuse for that. Loved Lipstick Jungle to tv show...I'll have to read the book now.

Katie said...

P.S. Was the transition from one child to two really hard???

(Lie to me.)


Stefanie said...

Let see...working, working, and working some more. Oh wait, I did do a little laundry, and I say little because I have piles of laundry still waiting on me. But this weekend, I wil be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Oh, and doing laundry. That is if this baby I am carrying allows it.

Kim said...

We have had an ice storm all week so Koy has had no school! I have also been fighting bronchitis. Oh and I have fnished the second book of the Twilight series and started on the third!!

Laura said...

What a great "catch up" post! And I love that one of your daughters still thinks it's Christmas time! Alise still talks like today is Christmas Eve! Imagine that!

Cindy said...

I was walking into Target yesterday (in Opelika) and I did a double take at the people walking out. They looked familiar to me and then it occurred to me that it was you and your girls. I've seen y'alls pics on your blog, but it took me a minute to realize you looked familiar from a blog and not my real life. Ha! I have commented here a handful of times, so I hope you don't think I'm a total blog stalker. :)

Trannyhead said...

I believe I used the term, "wrapped in a cocoon of snot" a few weeks ago. *shudder* Good times.

LaskiGal said...

Love, love those weeks. Adorable kids (BFF--AWE!), cheesy chick flicks, bustin' out the tunes, and of course . . . a great week has gotta have some snot. Always room for snot :)

Julie said...

Wowie Zowie!!! You've been busy. I've been covered in snot because of Bryan! Hope the sweet ones are feeling better!!

Caroline's Mom said...

I'm so envious that you got to go to Auburn! Hmmmm, this week, lets see.
1. work
2. get mad at my kids
3. take care of C
4. had a BIG glass of wine tonight after a hard day at work

thats about it so far.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I thought I might have passed you in A'ville yesterday, so I looked you up...and here you are! I love your blog, and have meant to do one myself for a while. In any case, I wanted to say hi and get back in touch with you whether it was you yesterday or not! Email my school account at the junior high when you can!
Holly C.B.