Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day News

My computer has been saved!

(Singing the Hallelujah chorus)

I'm happy to report my pictures are now double-backed up. That's right, friends, double-backed up.

Let me just say in my best teacher voice, "Back up your pictures, people!"

This has been a public service announcement.....


Also the hubby received Mario Cart for the Wii for his birthday and he is loving it! So are both of the girls. They both watch intently and cheer wildly. Harper Jane even pretends to drive.

This afternoon, HJ was oh-so-whiney. A trait that drives me crazy. So I asked her if she wanted some milk.

She replied, " 'ant it now!"

She is a girl that knows what she wants.

P.S. Kristen, I have not ignoring your tag. I promise! I'll get to it when I get my computer back. These days I'm on the hubby's MacBook and I'm not aware of all the "how-to's" on here!


Kim said...

We love Mario Kart!!! The boys like to use the wheel.

Kristen said...

good bc i know you love some lists... :)