Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More MMisms

Saturday night, Mary Margaret wanted to snuggle in our bed. We agreed and so she crawled right into the middle of the bed (her favorite spot).

She was quiet for a little while and then proceeded to tell me about a problem she was having.

MM: Mommy, my sciences are so congested I can't think.

ME: Oh really?

MM: The pressure is keeping me up all night.

ME: You really have a problem, don't you?

MM: My sciences are about to explode. They are going to erupt just like a volcano.

ME: You have got to be kidding me. Where exactly are your sciences??

MM: They are right here (rubbing her tummy).

Michael and I were desperately trying not to laugh. You never know what MM will say next!

P.S. Let's all say a little prayer for my old laptop. Harper Jane pressed a few buttons and encrypted it somehow (already the computer genius, she is) and I can no longer access Windows. We've got someone to look at it, but no promises. ALL my pictures are on there. I do have CD back-ups through August of 08, but the last 6 months or so might be lost forever (this would include MM's 5th bday party and Christmas). I just pray that those special pictures can be retrieved!!!


Lori said...

that is too funny... never know what a little one may think or say

hope they can recover your pictures

Laura said...

I sure hope you have better luck than I did! I somehow got a virus and lost all my pics from Dec. 11, 2008 forward. No Christmas pics from last year! Don't know what's up with that date, but it happened just the same.

Kim said...

Oh no! Dagan is good at pressing buttons I can not fix it!! The worst is on the satellite and DVR!! I usually end up watching cartoons for hours trying to fix the stinkin' thing!

LG said...

Oh no! you must MUST get a backup drive! good luck!
my sciences are good these days!

Leigh said...

You really need to do a book. You really hsould through shutterfly with pics and MMisms and give to grandmom s for moms day. So sweet!

Join me for thrifty Thursday this week is you can!

just jamie said...

HeeHee. What a funny little peanut.