Friday, February 27, 2009

The One Where I'm Paranoid

Late one night not too long ago (around midnight on a Saturday night), we had a knock on our front door. I, being the paranoid person I am, believed that it might be a serial killer. So I tip-toed into the playroom and peeked out.

Oh heavens!

It is a car with lights on the top. You know, a police officer's car.

I, immediately, start having a hard time breathing. I just knew this officer had knocked on our door to deliver awful news....just like you see in the movies.

"Your loved one was found and is dead" is what I could just imagine that this officer would tell us.

I just knew it. I woke up Michael and we headed to the door. I was almost hyperventilating. Who was the person that had passed away? I was scared to death. My face was white and I was near tears.

I open the door in my pajamas (matching, at least, but no robe).

Michael looks at me and says, "Lindsey, it's just a Sheriff's representative."

I am still scared. I ask this officer, "Who is hurt?"

This poor officer looks at me and asks, "Are y'all #1128?" (I changed the street number)

"NO we are not. We are #1127."

"Oh well! I have the wrong address," he simply states.

"WHAT? What do you mean? Why are you here?" I inquire.

"I am trying to serve a warrant of arrest." he replies.

"Oh, ok. Sorry wrong address."

I was so relieved and kind of laughed it off with the hubby as we went back inside. My breathing finally returned to normal, oh about an hour later. I had a hard time going back to sleep. In that hour of trying to find that sweet slumber, I prayed and thanked the Good Lord that no one was hurt.

I dread the day when I have to let my sweet girls go their own way. I do know that is all part of life. I remember thinking how lucky I was to have them sleeping in the same room with me and I didn't have to worry about them making curfew or being out on the roads. And for now, I'm just going to enjoy every day at home with my little angels!


Brandy said...

Good Lord girl! You're going to drive yourself to an early grave. It's one thing to fret about things over which you have some control (such as the girls, which is a worry to which I can completely relate), but there are some things that are just out of our hands. Therefore, you need to try to channel that energy into a positive direction.

I guess I can dish out this advice because I have lived through not one but two instances of receiving the dreaded "Your loved one is dead" news. Horrible, but I made it through it.

That having been said, I loved this post. You painted such a good picture of the moment that I felt like I was there hyperventilating with you.

And, don't get me wrong, I've been known to blow things out of proportion. A recent sore neck had me convinced I had viral meningitis until I googled the symptoms and didn't match a single one. HA! Medical worries tend to plague me probably because I have just enough knowledge about health and medicine to be dangerous.

Leigh said...

Girl, you and I both. I am afraid of the dark and the boogie man. Where we differ, while you were laying counting blessings (which iw what I should be doing) I would've gone the step further, wondering if they are arresting my neighbor for being the serial killer. WHat'd he..(or she) do to warrant arrest? Are the kids ok? Then I would tip toe in the rooms make sure all is well, then the doors to see if they are locked......and get back into bed listening for every tiny sound before finally falling into a restless somber at 5:00 only to be awakened by the alarm at 6. Umm, hmm. I need to be medicated. But that is another issue completely. I hate to take pills......LOL.
I should be paying someone to say all this. HAAH. Lindsey shall I send you a check?

Have a great and peaceful weekend. Lock your doors.