Sunday, February 22, 2009

Party All the Time!

Yesterday, we had what I like to call "Dress-Up All Day-a-thon"! Mary Margaret had not 1, but 2 dress-up Princess/Fancy Nancy parties. I'm tired just reliving it all. Here's the skinny...

We got dressed up!

We made a fancy flower headband!

We made a pink glitter pet rock. We now call her Bridget (after our friend Amelia Bridget)!
We ate all while achieving the oh-so-glamourous look!
We came home to recuperate!
We dressed up again. This time as Ariel, our favorite Disney princess!

We met up with our friend Amelia, Brandy's daughter.

We ate frou-frou food!

We saw Cinderella!

(So excited)

(Couldn't stop talking)

(Desperate for Cindy's sole attention)

We are still talking about her today!
WHEW! That was my weekend! How was your's???


Laura said...

Wow! What a party-hardy weekend! My baby made the front page of our local newspaper!! Check it out when you have a chance!

Kim said...

How adorable!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Great pictures! So sweet!

CC said...

This looks like the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!