Sunday, February 8, 2009

Things I Love-Sunday Edition

A list.


What? You can't believe that I would make a list. I know, I know. Very unlike me.

Here is a list of things that I love (besides Jesus, my family, and my friends):

1. My Shark Steamer. Uh, hello? Let me just say that I was a skeptic. Hot, steamy water on my newly refinished hard wood floors. Um, I don't think so. I tested a spot and guess what? It worked oh-so-well especially for those spills. You know the ones that your daughters don't tell you about. Then you find the dried on stickiness that once was sprite or milk or sweet tea (decaffeinated, of course). Well the Shark Steamer, it gets those surprise spills right up. It works on hardwoods and tile and I, for one, love it. I didn't buy it online. I found mine at K-mart. It is worth every penny. It appeases the OCD me! (Side note: we have about 2100 square feet of hard wood floors downstairs so it was necessary that I found something that would deep clean them).

2. My Auburn Pottery. I've been wanting (almost coveting) these wonderful pieces of art. I have given several pieces as gifts. This year my Mom surprised me with 3 pieces (pitcher, large divided platter, and over sized plate). I display them proudly!

3. My new living room curtains. These bunch up a little on the floor.

4. Tyler candles. If you have not tried these, you must. Right now, I'm really into the signature scent, Tyler.

5. On a cold, blustery day, nothing is better than a fire. I built this one myself on an especially cold day last week.

6. The new light fixture in our living room. I looked all over trying to find something that I loved and would give off a lot of light. I was finally successful. Initially I wanted to have a chandelier, but in the end decided against it (We have 2 antique crystal chandeliers already and I didn't want to over-do it). Our ceiling is not blue. In fact, it is a very light shade of yellow (2 shades lighter than our walls). Not sure why it looks blue....

7. Our den is oh-so-cozy.

Here it is before:


Yes, we painted those wood paneled walls. Many people have given us a hard time about it, but I could not stand those dark walls. We also ripped up the horrific carpet and now this room has refinished hard woods.

What products/things do you love (besides Jesus, your family, and friends)?


Brandy said...

I'd would love to be able to have candles, but, unfortunately, our cat Mojo has on more than one occasion caught various parts of his body on fire attempting to play with the flicker from the wick. There's nothing, I tell you, like a flaming kitty to dampen your love for the soft scent and glow of a candle.

Katie said...

Fun post...I'll have to think of some of my fave things and do it, too.

I would have painted the paneling, too, and not thought twice about it. My parents' old home had that and I begged them to paint it for years. They finally did a couple years ago and it looks like a different house. Now, they wonder why they didn't do it years ago. hehe! I'm VERY intrigued about your steamer. I don't have any carpet in our house...all hardwoods and tile. I may be making a trip to Kmart this week. Ooooh, I'm already excited!

Julie said...

I LOVE your new remodel!! It is so pretty!!

I wish we had a fireplace!! I LOVE cuddling and watching a movie with my man!!

Stefanie said...

I love the pics of the house, especially the den. It turned out beautiful! I will definately have to look into those candles. We love candles around here, well that is when we can keep them lit. Trenton likes to blow out the candles.

Leigh said...

Ahhh, the floors. I am envious.

I love your new curtains! Fabulous!
LOve the painted walls, cottagey feel.

And LOVe tYler candles. My friends store went outta business. HAte that, but I got some great deals and loaded up on Tylers!