Friday, March 20, 2009

The Art Project

I have been venturing out and completing a few art projects with Mary Margaret. I saved my old magazines for us for quite some time. We decided to make a collage that represents us. We sat at our kitchen table cutting and glueing for at least 2 hours (HJ was taking a little siesta). Here are the final products. She was so proud of herself and wants to show every single person that comes over.

What sort of art projects do you do with your children? I need all the ideas I can get!


Laura said...

Love this idea, but - Ahem! - aren't you suppose to be on a cruise somewhere?! LOL!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

We painted a bird house recently and Carter really loved doing that. I loves to show people when they come over to our house. It is hanging on the front porch.

Katie said...

That is so cute!

Amber said...

Those are so cute! It's fun how much MM got into the project! That collage will definitely have to go into her "save box". It would be really neat to have her do one every year and see how her likes change over the years!

I got your comment about my sewing machine. Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you! You should definitely take the sewing plunge! My machine is the Singer 7468 and I love it! Features that I would recommend include an automatic bobbin winder, automatic needle up or down when you stop stitching, automatic reverse button, automatic needle threader and push button stitch selection. Those are all features that I find very handy and make it even more user friendly than the other machine I've used. It can also stitch embroidery in lines, like patterns to add embroidery along a tablecloth or pillowcase. (It can't monogram letters or images.) I really love it and would highly recommend and a super easy machine for a beginner, but with the capability to do more advanced stitches & projects. Hope that helps!

Jessica said...

Lindsey, fun project. I LOVE to do projects with my kids. Some of them are on the blog. I have a ton of ideas if you are really looking for more. Just email me. One my girls really like right now is pan painting. Take a casserole pan or even a shoe box would work. Put in paper and lay a marble or golf ball on top. Squeeze in a drop or two of some paint and tilt the box/pan to make the ball roll through the paint and watch the design appear. Sometimes we do multiple colors to see what happens.

Another one is making your own multicolored crayons. Take those old broken crayone fragments. Peel off the paper. break them smaller if need be. Put them in paper lined muffin pans. Melt the crayons for about 2-5 mins. at 250 degrees in the oven. Take them out and let them harden. Then color with them again and watch how the colors change. This one I know is on the blog.

Again, just email me.