Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just read THIS ARTICLE and I was completely grossed out. Ick! I know I'm a germ-a-phobe and all, but seriously?!

Now I know that it is a good thing to expose kids to germs so his/her resistance and immunities may build, BUT I wanted to grab my hand sanitizer and slather it on as I read.

My kids have never been to a Chuck E. Cheese's but only because it is about an hour away from us. They do play on restaurant play yards (such as McDonald's and Chick Fil A).

Do your kids play at Chuck E. Cheese's? Do you take your kids to play on restaurant play sets?


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Oh my word! I only let Carter play in those thing occasionally, but I will be rethinking that! I always knew that there were germs, but GROSS!

Katie said...

Amelia hasn't been to one yet, and I'm hoping we can just move right along without any visits to Chuck E. Cheese! My sister Kelly keeps joking that while she is watching Amelia when I am in labor/deliv. that she is going to haul Amelia to the nearby CEC..... She so knows better!! We honestly don't eat inside any of the fast food restaurant places so the playgrounds there haven't been an issue yet. We do play at the park, though.

Oh...I read an article on Yahoo written by a former hotel don't even want to know what she said...totally confirms my beliefs that 1. you don't go barefoot on hotel floors, 2. you IMMEDIATELY remove the covers and toss 'em in the corner 3. bring your own pillow and blanket, 4. NEVER sit in the bathtub and/or jacuzzi, 5. never use the coffee pot or non-disposable cups....I could prob. keep going...I'll stop for your sake! hahahaha!

Leigh of said...

Heck no! Look it up on my blog (chuck e cheese). I am so bad a germaphob that I do not take my kids to parties there. I know thats so bad.
My husband will take the kids to the playgournd at Mcdonalds, but only when they have dad day and I am not around. I just cannot do it.

LG said...

That was fascinating!

tab said...

That is so gross!