Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Cruise Part I

We arrived in Port Canaveral on Friday around lunchtime. I was still a little apprehensive. I was not exactly sure that I would enjoy cruising. I had called to check on the girls no less than 10 times because I knew that I would not get to talk to them on Saturday and Sunday (no cell service on my phone and M's phone would be $7.99 / minute). We made it through U.S. Customs and boarded the ship. The weather was warm (70ish) but with a strong breeze. We found the 5th floor and made our way to our room. Below is a picture of our stateroom.

Here is the hubby showing off our room with a view. We had a window!

A picture from the deck of the ship. We were still docked in Port Canaveral. I felt a little like I was on the "Love Boat" and wanted to yell out, "Bon Voyage!"

The pool deck pictured below. The big circular room with all the windows was a great place to get away (very quiet and private). We found it on Saturday night. After I took a few pics, we went and had a smallish lunch (after all it was already 2:30 and I knew a big dinner was going to be served at 6).

After lunch, I couldn't wait to get in my suit and "nose" around the ship. I didn't have much time because we had a lifeboat drill for everyone on the ship at 4:30. As soon as the drill was over, we went back to our room so we could get ready for dinner! Here we are right after the drill!


Katie said...

Y'all look so cute!! You're making me want to go on a cruise now! I can't wait to see more pictures... ;o)

(I bet the girls were so excited when y'all got home!)

Leigh of said...

Lindsey- You look adorable! SO glad you got to go! I love cruising! I cant wait to hear more. The cruise out of Mobile to Mexico is very reasonable! I recommend. I think I was gone 4 or 5 days for only 200 bucks! THATS a deal. I couldnt go to the beach for that!

jennifer said...

The cruise looks fabulous! I've never been on one, but one day...

Here by way of Leigh's comments. I think we should definitely form our own Sweet Potato Queens :)