Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have not participated in Not Me Monday in a while but I felt the need to revisit it as I am ashamed of several things I didn't do last week!

*I did not force everyone to take off shoes when coming into our house. I did not spend 2 1/2 hours sweeping and steam cleaning all the floors with my Shark Steamer.

*I did not beg incessantly for a dining room table (and china cabinet and buffet) for my very empty dining room. I did not demand that it all be antique. I would never be demanding.

*I did not spend 3 hours of my time on eBay searching for matching smocked clothing for the girls as they both did not watch too much TV and they certainly did not demolish the living room. They are too sweet to do something like that.

*I did not stay in pajamas all day on Saturday.

*I did not stay on the phone for 2 hours on Saturday (um, hello, I really loathe the phone on normal days). I did not enjoy catching up with old friends.

*I did not allow Mary Margaret "bedazzle" things with sequins. She did not really bedazzle the kitchen floor while she was at it.

What did you NOT do this week? Head over to MckMama's place and check out some other Not Me Mondays!


Brandy said...

DO NOT buy a dining table and chairs! You can have momma's. That guy never got back to me about it. We'll work out the details about moving it to your house.

The phone has really become your friend lately. Don't you love it? Except, of course, when a child is trying to tell you something while you're on the phone.

Much love. MUAH!

just jamie said...

A bedazzler?! YOU? Have a Bedazzler? Hee-hee...

(Okay, so tell it FUN?)