Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

*I did not catch Harper Jane eating leaves as we were playing outside. No, she would never. She's much too particular about her eating habits.

*I did not catch Harper Jane digging through the kitchen trash can. No, she would never. She doesn't like to get dirty.

*I did not catch Harper Jane playing in the toilet. No, she would never. She's much too proper.

*I did not catch Harper Jane in the act of putting Littlest Pet Shop animals down the vent (yes she moved the vent cover herself). I did not catch her because she was giggling so very loudly.

Have you noticed a theme here??? Anyway, on we go!

*I did not not make it a week with my "Doing sit-ups every night before our cruise" promise to my self. I would never do that. I have much more self-control.

*I did not turn on Dora and place Harper Jane in the play pen just so I could sleep for 25 more minutes. No, I would never use the TV as a babysitter!

*I did not wish that we had less Dr. Seuss books last week while we were celebrating his birthday. We must have no less than 15 of his books. I am so happy to place them back on the bookshelf.

*I have not put off going to get a bathing suit for the aforementioned cruise. I mean, we leave in 12 days. How much longer can I put it off?

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Kelly said...

Ya'll are going on a cruise???? I'm so jealous! Are you taking the girls???

ohhollyf said...

Oh, the bathing suit shopping....uggg!
Have a blast on the cruise :)

Wayne said...

great not me monday

Dr sues rules I love his storys

The Garners said...

Such a fun list!

A cruise sounds wonderful! (Well, if I didn't have to put on a swimsuit it would sound wonderful!) :)

Leigh of said...

Nooooo, never!

Ok, I musta missed it or forgotten...where are you going on a cruise to? Take lots o pics!

Brandy said...

I did not put Lola in the floor on her play mat only to come back a few minutes later to find her gnawing on a dog bone. No, I never let the dog bring her chew toys in the house. We are much too sophisticated for such "common" behavior.