Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Cruise Food

Yes, I did take pictures of the food we had while on the cruise. I'm sure the people at our table thought I was insane, but that's ok.

Some sort of Beef dish (the sauce was delish)


Garlic Shrimp (so very good)

Some sort of beef dish.

I was pleasantly surprised with the food. I had heard that the taste of cruise ship food had been declining the past few years, but I enjoyed all our meals (though I'm not really that picky). There were several choices each night. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the desserts. I was way too busy inhaling those. The desserts were absolutley wonderful.

And lastly, here I am at Senor Frogs. I just had to get a picture up in the "big chair"!


LG said...

Great pics!

Katie said...

I probably wouldn't have even been able to get a pic of the entree, let alone dessert, because I'd have been to busy chowing down! Haha! I've always heard good things about cruise food.

I love the "irrational" response! Haha! Where does she get this stuff?!?!

hayley said...

ha I am a food picture taker too! I have pics of my birthday cake, the buffet food in Vegas, and any time I cook something which is RARE!

glad you guys had fun on your cruise :)

Kristen said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! i am so jealous of this cruise you took..just so you know. :) and you look great!

grizaham said...

Haha. Laura always takes pictures of our food! ;)