Monday, April 6, 2009

MMisms---The Easter Edition

Last week, I tried to explain to Mary Margaret the meaning of Easter. Yes, I want her to enjoy the Easter Bunny and all the fun in hiding the eggs, but I also want her to understand the true meaning behind Easter.

Conversation goes as follows:

ME: You know MM, Easter is not just about the Easter Bunny and eggs, it is about Jesus. He died and after 3 days, he rose to be with God in heaven. That's why we celebrate Easter. When Jesus rose from the dead, it is called the Resurrection.

Do you understand? Have any questions?

MM: No Mama. I get it.


Later on that day, I tried to get her to talk about it. First she said that Jesus was on "restriction" when He went to heaven. No MM, not so much.

So I tried to revisit the story.


After her Daddy arrived home, I was going to get MM to "show out" for him. I asked her again about Easter and then she answered me. Oh she answered all right.

She determined that Easter was celebrated because of the "Reservations"!

Her Daddy and I got a big kick out of it.

I am thankful for my reservations, aren't you?

Happy Easter to you all!

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Katie said...

Hey, maybe she meant that we celebrate Easter because Jesus died and rose again so that we can all be on the "reservation" list in Heaven! ;o)

Laura said...

Harpter has my vote and I am so grateful for my reservation! I loved this post!

Laura said...

Sorry to misspell your daughter's name. Of course, I meant "Harper." A little too NCAA Basketball anxious!

just jamie said...

LOVE her (as always)!

(P.S. I love your explanation that "He rose to be with God in Heaven." Yesterday, after Sunday school, Chase told me that "Jesus died on the cross." I talked him though the rest of it, but couldn't seem to find the words to say yes, but he came back alive (without sounding like it was MAGIC, or something ANYone can do. You gave the perfect answer.)

Kristen said...

i voted!! i need to add G to this one too...of course after harper wins! :)

Julie said...

I am so thankful for my reservations. My life truly would not be the same!!

Julie said...

p.s. I just voted!!! Her eyes are GORGEOUS!!!

Laski said...

It absolutely must be constant entertainment around your house.

I can't imagine the day that JR starts talking (REALLY talking . . . ).

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Reservations are wonderful. LOL.
As is God's love. Amen!
LOve that little girl! Both of your little girls! I am going to put a link on my blog (Fri) and tell my readers to go and vote for Harper jane! Good lcuk!