Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today after Mary Margaret had watched no less than 3 shows on Noggin, I turned off the television.

The whining commenced. This girl would watch TV ALL. DAY. LONG.

I looked at her and went into overload.

"Mary Margaret, honey, you have had enough TV today. Did you know that there are people on the Earth that don't even have a TV? Some people in this world don't even have enough food to eat. Did you know that? You should just be thankful."

She quietly responded, "Mommy, you are just being irrational."

So much for my teachable moment.


just jamie said...

Oh boy. You just gotta love that little one!

Kelly said...

haha! She is a smart little girl.

Cindy said...

That's funny. She has a big vocabulary!

Brandy said...

Ooh wee girl, you've got your hands full with that one! I imagine that declaration stopped you in your tracks. How to respond to that? I figure your trials will only get more challenging as HJ grows up because she will learn so much from miss MM. Praying for you to retain your sanity!

LG said...

irrational! what a big word and in proper context too! sounds like she is learning lots!

Amber said...

Too funny! What an exceptional vocabulary MM has.

My hubby and I went to Houston over the weekend and I had opened all the blogs I follow in tabs on my laptop so I could catch up on reading without internet while we drove. (Is that a sickness? ;)) Anyway, I read this out loud to Tru while we drove and we both just chuckled. She is such a trip! I've shared many MMisms with him when you write a particularly funny one. We both love kids and get such a kick out the things they come up with!

Julie V. said...

Hi, my name's Julie, and I've been TV-free for eight months! (and counting!) =P (for real!)

Some people choose to not have TV in their house altogether! I wonder what MM will think of that? (I'm certainly wondering eagerly!) I'd so like to meet that little gal. ;)