Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Last Cruise Post

I know y'all have to be tired of reading about our cruise and I promise that this is the last post!

Here is where I checked my email. This was the only way I could check on my kiddos as my cell phone did not have service. Nice view, eh?

We cruised during the very first weekend of March Madness and this is what the hubby wanted to do during the late afternoon. I, of course, went out exploring our ship and left him to all that basketball.

We had some really cool towel animals left in our room at night. Mary Margaret got a big kick out of these pictures!

Don't you just love the sunglasses on the above monkey? Too cute! And lastly is a picture of the hubby and myself all dressed up. I couldn't tell you the last time I had to get so very "princessified"! It was quite the change from my usual uniform of jeans and t-shirt. I was excited. I even put on make-up (I normally just wear a little lipstick)!


Leigh Ann said...

You look SO pretty!!!

I am officially SO excited about my cruise now after seeing your pictures!

Brandy said...

I know MM, lover of all animals, fell head over heels for those towel animals. I imagine she questioned why you didn't bring them home to her.

Cindy said...

I love the cruise post. I'm going on one in May and am so excited and love seeing your pics. You look pretty all princessified. :)

Katie said...

Y'all are SUCH a cute couple! No wonder y'all have such cute kids! ;o) I would love to get all "princessified"....maybe one of these days after the delivery and losing lots of baby weight! In the meantime, I've enjoyed living vicariously through your cruise pictures!

LG said...

I love those towel animals! Super cute!!