Friday, November 13, 2009

Mary Margaret's 6th Birthday

Here is MM making the goody bags the morning of her skating party (she's still in her PJs). Not only did we celebrater her 6th birthday last week, but she got glasses. She loves them!!!

The biggest surprise of the week was the one below. It was a complete surprise to us all. A close family friend, Carson loves to spoil the girls AND they adore him. I mean, ADORE him. He surprised Mary Margaret by putting her on 2 billboards in our hometown. MM was so excited. When he revealed them to MM, she said, "Hey that's me up there!" And then the next morning, she looked at me and said, "I think I might be famous!" This was a once in a lifetime event! Here is a picture of one of the billboards at night:

MM wanted to have "The Wizard of Oz" birthday party this year!

The birthday cake

MM was so excited when she saw her cake!

Harper Jane had a great time at the party!
Here is a picture of Emma and MM. Emma's mom, Amber and I have been friends since we were 6! She is my oldest and dearest friend!
Grandmarmie came to visit us yesterday. She brought lots of goodies. She loves to spoil our sweet girls!!!

She brought the girls matching Pottery Barn Snowgirl PJs. They will so be wearing these soft snuggly pajamas Christmas morning (and many other mornings in between)

She also surprised Mary Margaret with a gift that both she and her little sister will enjoy. The Pottery Barn play tent. How cute is that!!! The girls moved right in and loved "peering out the windows"! What a fantastic surprise!!!!

All in all, Mary Margaret had a wonderful birthday week-long celebration! I hope she will treasure these memories forever! I certainly will!


LG said...

Dang! Can I have a Grand Marmie? I like all of those gifts! ha That billboard thing is REALLY cool and sweet. What a great friend. HJ is really looking like her momma these days!

Laura said...

A billboard?!! WOW!! I lurve MM in her glasses! SO cute!!

Amber said...

I can't even imagine how exciting it would be to see yourself on a billboard for your 6th birthday! How special! MM's face in the photo where she saw her cake is just priceless.

Kim said...

She looks so cute in her glasses! What an awesome surprise to have your own billboard!!! I love the Wizard of Oz theme! So cute :)

Katie said...

Love the glasses! That little housetent is fabulous!! I would be in there with them! haha! Billboards?!?!?! Oh yeah, MM is totally famous!!!! :o)

Iva said...

awww Happy Birthday Beautiful!! You created some beautiful birthday memories that will last a lifetime!! so perfect! Have a GREAT day!! ;)

prashant said...

That billboard thing is REALLY cool

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