Friday, November 13, 2009

Mary Margaret's 6th Birthday

Here is MM making the goody bags the morning of her skating party (she's still in her PJs). Not only did we celebrater her 6th birthday last week, but she got glasses. She loves them!!!

The biggest surprise of the week was the one below. It was a complete surprise to us all. A close family friend, Carson loves to spoil the girls AND they adore him. I mean, ADORE him. He surprised Mary Margaret by putting her on 2 billboards in our hometown. MM was so excited. When he revealed them to MM, she said, "Hey that's me up there!" And then the next morning, she looked at me and said, "I think I might be famous!" This was a once in a lifetime event! Here is a picture of one of the billboards at night:

MM wanted to have "The Wizard of Oz" birthday party this year!

The birthday cake

MM was so excited when she saw her cake!

Harper Jane had a great time at the party!
Here is a picture of Emma and MM. Emma's mom, Amber and I have been friends since we were 6! She is my oldest and dearest friend!
Grandmarmie came to visit us yesterday. She brought lots of goodies. She loves to spoil our sweet girls!!!

She brought the girls matching Pottery Barn Snowgirl PJs. They will so be wearing these soft snuggly pajamas Christmas morning (and many other mornings in between)

She also surprised Mary Margaret with a gift that both she and her little sister will enjoy. The Pottery Barn play tent. How cute is that!!! The girls moved right in and loved "peering out the windows"! What a fantastic surprise!!!!

All in all, Mary Margaret had a wonderful birthday week-long celebration! I hope she will treasure these memories forever! I certainly will!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Master Bath


Removed tile with sledgehammer. Took out tub, toilet, and sink. Removed lovely blue carpet. Created linen closet. Opened doorway into bath area. Removed 2 wall heaters.

New light fixture, new jetted tub, new linen closet, new tile flooring, new toilet, and new blinds.
New light fixtures, new mirror, new countertop, fresh trim paint, fresh wall paint. We also had the sink moved to this dressing area.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Leigh at Bloggeritaville is throwing her 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest! Head over there and vote for my sweet, Mary Margaret as Strawberry Shortcake (Halloween 08)!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2009 was a huge success. We started trick-or-treating around 2. We visited with family first. Then we went to a Halloween Party held at the Simmons' household. It was oh-so-fun. Chassey is the ultimate hostess. We went on a hayride and all the children LOVED it. Halloween was indeed a fun night!

I love the above picture. Harper Jane had had it with all the pictures!

Mary Margaret wanted to be "Annie" once again this year (yes, for the third year--she was "Annie" when she was 2 and 3 years old). Her first "Annie" costume was too small. It was made by one of my gifted students at the time, "C". "C" was in the 4th grade when she made it. Seriously. This little girl has talent! It runs in her family (C's mom was the one that painted MM's nursery). MM needed a new "Annie" costume so we got in contact with "C" and her mom and a new precious costume was created. Check out C's mom's blog --- Yelli Kelli. Both C and her mother, Kelli, have Etsy stores and are highly talented and creative. You'll be amazed!!!
I hope Halloween 2009 was a memorable one for you and your family!