Sunday, March 14, 2010


I would have never thought that during the 10 weeks where she cried for no less than 6 hours a day (COLIC), this child would be such a happy child. She is really such a joy. She's rarely in a bad mood. Harper is becoming quite the comedian. I am thoroughly enjoying being at home with this precious angel.

We were watching Grey's Anatomy one night recently. Yes, she was snuggling with me in my bed. The renowned doctor Harper Avery was on this episode. Everyone kept repeating his name. Harper looked at me and said, "Me Harper, Mommy. Me Harper!"

Tuesday of this week, I was trying to get her to concentrate on something other than taking away her sister's book. I said, "Harper, where is your baby?" She said, "Not sure, Mommy, but I want to wead Mawy Mawgawet's book."

She wants to go all the time, but she wants to go in a "Pwetty Dwess and Hairbow". Always, never fails. She is so prissy. Sometimes just to appease her, I will put on her smocked dress (always her choice) over her pajamas and just drive around the block. She is spoiled rotten.

She lives off of chicken nuggets and biscuits.

She loves to brush her teeth.

She loves to take a bath. If I ever sneak away and try to take a bath, she finds me and begs to get in with me.

When we leave, she must have her coat zipped and always, always has to have her scarf.

She is obsessed with shoes and purses.

She also LOVES to color with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. A new coloring book is her prize during our weekly Wal-Mart trips. She takes her time choosing just the right book.

She is 30 1/2 months old.

At night, she talks to my belly and calls her brother, "Jack-Jack"! She came up with that on her own!!

I am thankful for every sweet day with her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a....


We found out this morning. Both the girls went with us. Mary Margaret wanted to be the first to know. The nurse whispered to her and then Mary Margaret got to tell us. She was a bit disappointed and said, "It's a boy and I guess I'll love him anyway."

It was a priceless moment!

He does have a little heart issue that we are praying will heal itself. The doctor didn't go into too much detail because she said most of the time everything ends up fine. We are also praying for NO pre-term labor like my last pregnancy. Boy babies do not do as well if they are early.

We have chosen a name. He will be named Jack Michael. Jack after my grandfather and Michael after my husband. Mary Margaret still thinks we should name him Tucker, but she said Jack was the next best thing. I'll post pictures of his sweet little profile soon!