Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because I'm easily amused

I love to read. It is my escape. I normally read mystery/thriller type books. I've recently tried to step outside the box and read different genres. I just finished the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. These had a little bit of time travel (way outside my normal genre). I devoured these books. I couldn't wait to borrow the next one...and then the next one...and then the next one (there are 7). I practically harassed my friend that loaned me the books.

But now....I'm finished. Ugh!

I've been at a loss as what to read next. I found a cool little tool a few years ago that sometimes helps me find new authors with books in similar genres.

It is called LITERATURE-MAP.

Go there and type in your favorite author (for example John Grisham). A map will come up and have John Grisham in the middle and dozens of authors listed around. The names closest to Grisham write the most like him and are most similar in genre.

What a useful little tool this has been for me. I'm off to use it to find my next adventure!


esa said...

I could only read the first two of that series. I think maybe the third dragged on for me. I might have to pick them up again!

Stefanie said...

I just finished reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It really was a good book. I also read The Last Song and Dear John, both were wonderful books. My box usually consists of Nora Roberts, but it has been nice venturing out.

PS Hope you are taking it easy.

Debbie Killian said...

OMG Lindsey, I can't believe you read OUTLANDER. I have read the series twice. I have started the last book for the second time this week. I don't know if I told you but I got Claire's silver ring a couple of years ago and haven't taken it off since. I'll show it to you some time.

I have been thinking about asking you if you have read "The Lovely Bones"......

Cristi said...

Loved the Outlander series. Not usually my cup of tea at all. Personally, I like memoirs, autobiographies, religious, sci-fi, mystery... but my local book store owner suggested it and after (what I'm sure was a wrinkled brow and a slight squint of "I'd rather not") I kindly declined. However, after seeing her sincere disappointment I decided to go ahead and purchase. Well, the rest is history. I was hooked! (and she was so pleased) After convincing a few friends they wouldn't regret it, they were hooked as well.

I came across your blog after a Pastor's secretary from Christian Life Center in Bensalem, PA sent me Mary Margaret's David and Goliath video. They played it during their office devotion. I also work for a church (Sanctuary of Ocala in Florida) and I too have sent it to everyone in our office, including our Children's Pastor.

I have to say that was the most captivating version I have ever heard!! You're family beautiful. MM's ministry is blessing. Thank you.