Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mary Margaret's first church appearance

Mary Margaret was asked by her first grade teacher to come and tell the story of Jonah at her church. What an honor it was! Below is a link to see the video of her first live "preaching"!

We are so proud of our little story teller. I pray that she keeps Jesus in her heart and continues to spread His word!!!


ClassyMomma said...

Adorable child with amazing talent!

Susan Preece said...

Mary Margaret may go viral! A friend posted on Facebook and I became an instant fan!!! What a precious blessing. Keep it up! Tell us more!

OkieMomof2 said...

She has gone viral! Two pastors in OK on my FB friends list shared her video today. I just HAD to look her up to find out where this precious girl came from. Well done, Mom & Dad. She's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

God has indeed blessed you and your family! They speak of his mysterious ways...! Who knows the people that will perhaps see this video and decide to find out a little more about "God". Thanks for sharing, it has touched many hearts!

Amber said...

Lindsey, Mary Margaret is going viral! Several of my staff friends from Campus Crusade for Christ tweeted and posted this video on Facebook today, and they live all over the US. Your sweet girl has such a gift and she is pointing people to the glory of God. :) Love it!

Keith Sanders said...

I don't know if you are aware how big the video from church has become. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and its spreading like wildfire here.

Joy Barber said...

Mary Margaret, You have such wonderful energy, expressiveness, and zeal for JESUS... you are a wonderful storyteller, and I pray your gifts and talents will always be used to point people to HIS word and truth...It is a JOY to watch your storytelling videos
and never stop bringing HONOR and GLORY to our wonderful God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
you will enjoy our website too
If you email me Mom, I will send you a wonderful butterfly story with a gospel message, and a Sheep's tale that you will love, about our loving SHEPHERD & a rebellious sheep :o) Love, Joy Barber ask JoyBell the Clown

Mother Goose said...

What a precious lamb!
is Corinth Baptist your Church home?

Misty said...

Wouldn't you know my husband emailed me this clip this morning, and I said "Hey!! I know that kid, her Mama used to follow my blog"!!. Small world, huh??

Kelly Combs said...

Your daughter is absolutely precious! This video has gone "viral" and I wouldn't be surprised to see her on the Today Show in the future! What a cutie pie!

I have a 6 yr old daughter also, as well as an 11 yr old. Nice to meet you!

Kelly Combs said...

p.s. I am in Virginia, for your "push pin" map.

itsasweetlife said...

I LOVE Mary Margaret's Story of Jonah! I saw it on Facebook and live in Fort Walton Beach, FL...Thanks so much for sharing her with us!!!!! I love her story telling abilities! God Bless you all and give her a big hug from me!

Anonymous said...


I've been trying to find your contact information, but to no avail. I'm a pastor in Waco, TX. my name is josh and my e-mail is if you wouldn't mind ... I was wondering if you could shoot me a quick e-mail so that I can ask you a question. here is the website of the church i work at (


Alister Cameron said...


You may want to get that video on YouTube, as well as Vimeo. It's going viral, to the glory of God!

On YouTube it could really go nuts!

Blessings from Melbourne Australia

Anonymous said...

Came across your video on Twitter....checked Vimeo's community guidelines regarding permission to use (am not a member)....Tried unsuccessfully to contact you via your church's name to request permission to share this grateful I finally found you here... Although comments above may indicate otherwise, I personally want to ask your permission to share this within my circle of influence. May I?

God has placed a treasure in your is evident that you see your child's giftings and are nurturing their development. God bless you richly! Eager to hear your response.

Tulsa Courthouse said...

This is a great blog! I would really like to keep reading your blogs. Cant wait for the next post. Good blogs are hard to find!

Steve Sheppard said...

Yes, viral indeed. I posted it on my FB and everyone I know has seen it. I have to say, and you've heard it by now, media vultures may gather at the door. Watch out. Something tells me God wants her all to Himself, anyway, amen?

Lianne said...

Hello Lindsay,

Mary Margaret has even become famous in Holland!! We just love to hear her sing or tell a story!

God bless your family and I hope we get to see more videos from her. Please send her my best wishes and a warm greeting from The Netherlands!


Anonymous said...

greetings from canada!
God bless your family!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Alaska. Your daughter is a cutie pie! Great job on sharing the story of Jonah. God bless you as you and your husband raise her and develop the talent God has given her. :)

Anonymous said...


Greetings from Blyth Community Church in Blyth, Northumberland on the north-eastern coast of England.

We have Mary Margaret on the front page of our Website:

God bless!

Website Admin

Anonymous said...

I've watched Mary Margaret's delightful and amazing story of Jonah. What a star! I'm in the North of England, Great Britain and was sent the link from a dear American friend. I'm passing it on to my friends here.
X Alexandra