Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My friend, Laura....

blogged about Mary Margaret! How sweet she is!!! Check out Laura's blog. She blogs about the Iphone, her old cottage home, crafts, and of course, her baby boy (she uses cloth diapers and she blogs about that as well).

iGriza: You MUST watch how Cute this Kid is!


grizaham said...

i enjoy her blog too!

Kim Rike said...

Hi Lindsey! What a great job you have done teaching your daughter the truth of God's Word! I received an email with a link to Mary Margaret's version of Jonah on YouTube, and wondered if you would give me permission to share it with my Community Bible Study class in San Angelo, TX. Next year we will be studying Jonah as part of a larger study on the Divided Kingdom. Mary Margaret would be a terrific way to introduce this portion of the study. She is a delight, and a perfect example of how important it is to teach the Word to our children! Thanks for sharing your faith with Mary Margaret, and the world.
Kim Rike
San Angelo Day Class
Community Bible Study