Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Using Mary Margaret's videos

Several people have commented/asked if they may use her videos at church events, Sunday school classes, etc. Please feel free to use them as you wish. If you would just email me or leave a comment on this blog and let me know. I am keeping up with everything and placing it in Mary Margaret's baby book so one day she can look back at all this. I just want to document it. Plus we are keeping up with locations to plug into a map so she may see that one little person can make a big difference! Thanks so much!!!


Kurt said...

Hi Lindsey. My name is Pastor Kurt Weber. I saw Mary Margaret's telling of the Jonah story. She is amazing.
God is using her in mighty ways.
I have a question. Do you have a written script of Mary Margaret's version of the Jonah story? If so, would you send us one. We are doing a sermon series starting in May on Jonah. We would love to have one one the children at Messiah Lutheran Church tell the story to begin the series. We are building a 15 foot whale to go along with the series as well. Lots of fun things to engage the children, My email is If a script is not available, would it be ok to transpose it ourselves from the video? Thank you so much! God bless you and your family! Pastor Kurt

Kirks Korner said...

My friends showed me her videos and we loved it. Watching her tell the stories of the Bible inspired me to video children telling Bible stories. Children can be so creative. I have a niece and nephew both under the age of 4 and they have quite amazing renditions of the story of David, Elijah, ect...

Thank you again for sharing this. It really blessed and inspired me.

Heather said...

I first learned about your little girl's amazing gift last week, while watching the Oak Hills church live stream service. Thank you for sharing your daughter with the world, so that she may share God's love with them. If you're interested, here's a video of the service last week, with your daughter's video included:

Carolyn_ Armin said...

I am working on curriculum for Pacific Islands University in Guam, a small Christian University. I am helping to find content for the Speech 101 course. One of the assignments is the Oral Interpretation. The students are required to use Bible passages/stories. Your little girl does the best job I have ever seen.

Theresa Choong said...

Hi Lindsey,
Thanks to you, many people, including me and those in our ministry are blessed. Mary Margaret's animated way of story telling is simply awesome.

We're involved in children ministry and I would like to inquire if you have a the soft copy of the Jonah story as told by Mary Margaret? Or direct me to it? God bless you and your family!

Joan Virzera said...

Dear Lindsey,
I recently found Mary Margaret's videos on and I have never seen a more expressive and natural talent! I've been telling so many people about her and have been playing her videos over for others to see and enjoying them more each time. Mary Margaret cheers me up and brings a smile to my face when I think of her throughout the day. My fiance is so taken with her, too. He says her songs and parts of her stories come to his mind during the day as well. God often does chose children to help Him in His work, and, no doubt, Mary Margaret, is doing God's work in an inimitable way. I am a former Catholic School teacher, and I now teach Religion on Saturdays. I would love to play Mary Margaret's videos for my class of fifth graders if I can find a way to do so without being connected to the Internet since I don't have WiFi. I do hope that we will be seeing more of her videos and most important that God continues to bless Mary Margaret and her family as she brings God's joy to many people, perhaps, even changing the course of lives for the better. If there are any other videos or articles (other than the 9 on Youtube) that I may have missed, I would love to know where to find them.

God bless you!
Joan Virzera

Courtney said...

Hello Douglas Family - I am a music teacher up in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. My students are singing I want A Hippopotamus For Christmas at our concert this year and I was looking around on You Tube for some music to sing along to. I came across Mary Margaret's video and had to share it with my grade 4's. They were very impressed!! Thanks for sharing with all of us - all the best to you and your family.
Courtney Britton
Joseph Gould PS
Uxbridge, ON

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey,
I love Mary Margaret's retells of the Bible stories! I was looking for a video of David and Goliath to show next Sunday, but Mary Margaret's is by far the best special animations necessary! I would like to use it this Sunday. Is that okay?
Katy Lee
Toronto, Canada

Janna said...

My sister sent me a link to Mary Margaret's story of Jonah. Your daughter is so precious! She is very gifted. I could watch her adorable videos all day! She reminds me a lot of my older son, who will start 4th grade this year.

My son wears glasses, and he is very smart and talented in many areas, but he struggled in school. He was frustrated all of the time, and 5 minutes of homework took 2-3 hours. He often did not finish his work at school and had to bring that home too. It turned out that he had undiagnosed vision problems. He had already seen 3 different ophthalmologists. When I took him to a developmental optometrist, he had a developmental vision exam, which tested how well his eyes could work as a team. He needed vision therapy to correct problems with tracking, accommodation, and convergence. Changing eye doctors to a developmental optometrist made a huge difference for him. I hope MM does not have any of the struggles that my son used to have. If she does, please go to to find a developmental optometrist. COVD also has a blog where you may read about other people with vision processing problems.

Jeremy said...

Hi, my name's Jeremy Faughn and this weekend we're sharing a message on Jonah and cannot resist showing Mary Margaret's video! Thanks for permission to use it, she is an amazing young lady and having 9 year old twin girls myself I know how much they love to do things like this. To be able to capture it on video truly is a blessing for many who weren't there that night. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I used Mary Marget's story of Jonah two years ago during a Christian Education Teachers' Banquet and hope to use it again in two weeks at another banquet. She is an amazing young girl who definitely has a God-given talent Joan from Virginia Beach, VA

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey....I am using Mary Margaret's video of the story of Jonah to tell the story to my 4 and 5 year old Sunday School class tomorrow. What a precious and gifted child you have. I looked for videos of the story of Jonah and none even compared to Mary Margaret's version. Hers is MUCH more closer to God's word than any of the others. Because she is so close to the children's age, I'm sure they will listen to it intensely. God bless you and yours. Thank you so much for sharing the gift that God has given you in Mary Margaret.

Christie said...

Hello there.
Our pastor used Mary Margaret's video in a sermon he did recently on the "Days of Awe" and our Jewish roots. Did you know that the story of Jonah is read in Jewish synagogues world wide on Yom Kippur (this year Saturday, September 14, 2013)?

I remixed the sermon with some additional audio and clips from Mary Margaret's telling and the result is this 7 minute clip. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Tan. Cobourg Ontario.