Friday, July 8, 2011

Recipe Rut

I've been in such a recipe rut that Michael has taken over the cooking around here (meaning we are eating LOTS of grilled food). My friend, Amber, told me about this website and I am completely amazed by some of these EASY recipes. I am making a list tonight of the things I want to make. Check out the site for yourself:

Things are crazy for us around here. We will soon be putting our home on the market. YIKES! I can't imagine how I am going to keep it clean with 3 little ones. Wish us luck!!!


Amber said...

I've been feeling in a cooking rut too. I feel like you just moved in and renovated! Why are you moving?

Angie Wright said...

I feel your pain on the cooking front, I am so bored with our same ole same ole!! Thanks for the new website, I will go check it out!

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

Hi! I am your newest follower. I posted one of your daughter's videos on my blog today.


Janet @ HOME

Darlene said...

This has nothing to do with cooking but is about MM. I have so enjoyed reading the blogs about your family's adventures, especially MM's stories. She is so gifted. My daughter is youth director at our church and we wanted to talk to you about visiting. Would you email me and I will give you contact information so we could discuss it? Thanks so much. What a blessing your family is.


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